The Tontons at Warehouse Live, 3/1/2014

Photos by Marco Torres
The Tontons
Warehouse Live
March 1, 2014

Saturday night, at half past 11 p.m., Asli Omar sauntered out onto the stage at Warehouse Live. A solitary light beamed down on her, illuminating her white dress as she crooned to the crowd.

Guitarist Adam Martinez, bassist Tom Nguyen and stand-in drummer Sean Hart of Caddywhompus remained in the background, shrouded in darkness. The crowd stood still, in rapt silence save for a few hoots and hollers encouraging Omar between vocal lines.

"Slowly turn me into something not quite real," she sang. "Aren't you afraid of loving me so much? Show me if you think I've made a grave mistake."

It felt as if Omar was asking if she was truly worth their admiration. Could they be turning her into something she's not, placing the Tontons on a pedestal of which they aren't worthy? And to that, the crowd responded with a resounding, "No."

Omar, Nguyen and the Martinez brothers are the real deal. They are authentic, homegrown musicians worthy of our praise, our attention and, most importantly, our ears. And for an hour Saturday night, they proved as much with energetic guitar riffs, chest-pounding bass lines and percussion, all played underneath soulful vocals and heartfelt lyricism.

The soft, sweet undertones of "Lonely," coupled with Omar's whispering voice, were a fitting opener for a show that didn't feel quite real itself. It certainly didn't feel like an album release for a local act. It felt bigger, like a shift in momentum for a group that has both come so far and is still rising.

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Warehouse Live

813 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

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