10 Cold Songs for Houston's Endless Winter

"It's a cold town" about sums up Houston right now. Thanks, Arnie.
Will this winter ever end? All signs point to no. While Houston endures the harshest winter on record in a very long time, many of us will be stuck inside our homes, mindlessly playing music to entertain ourselves through the intense boredom.

You may want to forget all the ice, sleet and finger-numbing cold, but personally I like to embrace the hell of my situations. If you're like me, fellow traveler, I've assembled the perfect playlist of wintery cold songs to remind you that, thanks to climate change, this is what we have to look forward to for the rest of our miserable, frozen lives.

Metallica, "Trapped Under Ice"
This early Metallica classic perfectly sums up our collective feelings of being trapped in this rotten winter wasteland.

Foreigner, "Cold As Ice"
This one was more about an evil lover, but just think of the person being referred to as the city of Houston, and we're pretty much there.

Husker Du, "Ice Cold Ice"
This one doesn't actually have much to do with literal ice, but the redundancy of the title pretty much sums up our collective feeling of the redundancy of this recurring winter weather.

Alexisonfire, "Burial"
This song was written by Dallas Green to describe his feelings about Canada's seemingly endless winters. It should at least make you glad you don't like in Canada and have to endure their winters, because, man, let me tell you...well, actually I'll let Dallas Greendo that. He has a better singing voice than I do.

Kanye West, "Coldest Winter"
I always thought that 808's and Heartbreak was a truly wintery record. I can't listen to much off that album without evoking the imagery of snowfall, and this song even directly references that feeling.

After the Burial, "Encased in Ice"
This one has the same relative idea as Metallica's song, only with more death growls. Death growls really make everything better.

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Corey Deiterman
Corey Deiterman

Actually it is in the top ten harshest winters in Texas since they started tracking these things per the average temperatures (which in Dallas was 43.2 this year, haven't seen an article on Houston specifically but would guess it is similarly ranked as the entire country has seen record lows).

Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

"Harshest winter on record"? I'm guessing the writer has only lived here for a few years.

Rick McDowell
Rick McDowell

Why would you even call this winter? This is a cold front, Houston. Be grateful none of us live in Minnesota or Michigan. This literally reads like white whine first world problem fit-throwing, on an incredibly massive scale. Its 40 degrees, and people need a playlist? To commemorate 40 degree weather? How is this even... What?

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