The Rocks Off 200: Fat Tony, Third Ward to "BKNY"


Noon, Rapper With a Lot on His Mind
Matt Cash, Clear Lake's Cassette Tape Wailer
Jason Smith, Alkari's Space City Rocker
DJ Penetrate, All Lit Up in "Neon Lights"
Catch Fever Is Catching On
Renée Jonard, Princess of Noise Pollution
Junior Gordon, Big Man With a Big Sound
Chad Smalley, Blaggards' Barse Player
Damien Randle, K-OTIX Man of Action
Kevin Anthony, 45 Southbound Man
DJ Good Grief Knows How to Have Fun
Robert Kuhn, the Well-Traveled Islander
Gunnar Cushway, Insko's Feel-Good Utilityman
Mario Rodriguez, Tax the Wolf/Bang Bangz's Wonky Power Monger
John Smith, Goodtime Continental Club Manager
Dwayne Cathey, A Good Man to Scare People With
Walter Carlos, Guitar-Punisher of Funeral Horse
Ryan James, Putting Up a Good Fight
John Cramer, Guitar Apostle of Project Grimm
Big Gerb, Houston's Hongree-est MC
Steven Higginbotham, Hard-Working Wheel Worker
Alisha Pattillo & Her Swaggering, Soulful Sax
Brandon Ray, Punk Rocker Turned Filmmaker/Animator
The Excitable Boys of Another Run
Flash Gordon Parks, DJ as Funky Professor
DJ Main Event, Kratez Crew JumpOff Man
Odd Hours and Back to Back's Hank Doyle

Legendary K-OTIX Producer Russel "The ARE" Gonzalez

Dylan Bryson Sings the Blues (Rock)
DJ Damon Allen, R.O.C.O. Fellow
Tom Lynch, New Kid On the Block
Ashley Worhol, Goth-Metal Queen of Katy
Joe Ortiz, Clockpole's Master of Nonsense
Marzi Montazeri, the Man Dimebag Darrell Called a Bad Motherfucker
John Salinas, the Beat Beast of Only Beast
Homegrown Cowboy Crooner Charles Peters
Adam Bricks, NYC Expat
Metal Journeyman and Blasé Bassist Alan Hilton
Kyra Noons, Houston's Reggae Sunsplash
DJ AudiTory, the Maestro of LuvItMane
The Nephilim Terror's Death-Metal Growler Danny Carroll
Tommy Grindle, Guitarist of Square and Compass
The Bailout Bureau's Mysterious "Bob Bovary"
DJ Twinkle-Toes, Won a "Dick-Measuring Vinyl Orgy" With Two iPods
Beanz N Kornbread, Gmail-Loving Production Duo
You(genious), Party Crasher Turned Musical Auteur
Daniel Alexander, Klein's Backyard MC



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