The Rocks Off 200: Fat Tony, Third Ward to "BKNY"


Music Scene Pet Peeve: "Laziness," Tony swears. "Be about it or be without it. Copying trends and unoriginality runs a close second if not a got-dang tie. Get creative or get out of my way."

Five Desert Island Discs: "Pretty tough, but here's what comes to mind right now," he says. "In no particular order, of course."

  • Beastie Boys, Paul's Boutique
  • E-40, Element of Surprise
  • Prince, Sign 'O' the Times
  • Ramones, Ramones
  • Bad Brains, Bad Brains

"And here's a few more."


  • Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
  • Prince, Dirty Mind
  • A Tribe Called Quest, Midnight Marauders
  • Slum Village, Fantastic Vol. 2
  • OutKast, ATLiens

Best Show Ever: "Man, best show I've ever played is probably my Smart Ass Black Boy album release party in Brooklyn in June 2013," Tony recalls. "Hundreds of friends, family, fans, and curious strangers fell through and rocked with us all night long. About one-third of the crowd were my friends from Houston that flew in just for the show; really amazing and inspiring. I often think back to that show and damn near shed a tear of joy. I man[ned] up, though, and [held] the waterworks for another day.

"Best show I've ever been to was Lil B the Based God's second NYC [appearance] in January 2011," he continues. "It was a sold-out show at Highline Ballroom that was packed with based converts at what I would say was the height of Lil B's early rise. I mobbed out to the show with a bunch of friends.

"We even got ourselves a hotel for the evening," Tony adds. "He came out on time and actually rapped for two hours and even took time to take questions and talk to the crowd. The entire audience felt like one and it was nothing but genuine fun and positivity flowing that night. And hella Ciroc."

Next Show/Project: "Still pushing Smart Ass Black Boy," Tony grins. "Get it any way you can. Got a 7" out soon on Volcom Ent., with two new songs too. Plus I will be at SXSW this week!"

See the rest of the Rocks Off 200, and the Rocks Off 100's 2013 alumni, on the next page.

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