The Rocks Off 200: Fat Tony, Third Ward to "BKNY"

Photos by Marco Torres
Who? Anthony Obi, aka Fat Tony, is a Nigerian-American rap musician from the great Third Ward, Houston, Texas. His his music is smart, fun and (according to Tony) "very enjoyable in Whataburger drive-thrus!"

Home Base: "I like to keep it moving," Tony says. "I made my last two albums in Los Angeles and spend most of my time between Brooklyn and Houston. Staying in one city too long gets old and doesn't really offer much inspiration for a songwriter.

"Especially if you're only around other musicians all the time," he adds. "I do best when I can surround myself with new, stimulating experiences and living situations. Keeps me on my toes as a man and an artist."

Bun B (left) and Tony
Why Do You Stay In Houston? "I always come back to visit or live in Houston every year to be with my family and keep myself in the mix," swears Tony. "It means a lot to fans and friends to come back and turn it up every now and then. I get a lot of inspiration being around places I grew up and my peers out here, the kinda inspiration you can't get from promoting yourself all the time in an industry city.

"Keeps me on the right track and on the pulse of whats happening in my home sweet home," he notes.

Good War Story: "I've caught scabies, I've dodged police, I've escaped angry bouncers literally running me and tourmates out of a venue," opens Tony. Not a bad start...

I've evaded unscrupulous industry fools, and much more. The scabies was probably the worst. Caught it from a ratchet-ass hotel in D.C. after the second show of a tour but didn't realize we had it until a week or two later. Had to cancel our show that night and find a free clinic outside of Detroit that ended not being free at all.

Charged me $600 just to tell me what we all pretty much knew we had. Luckily our tour manager had the prescription plug and we all got laced with the medication we needed to survive. To get rid of it we had to shower, lather ourselves in this cream, then lay butt-naked in towels all night long while the medicine did its thing for 8-12 hours.

Calling all our friends we'd be staying with sometimes all over the country to warn them about our infection was the wooooooorst though.

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