Reba at Reliant Stadium, 3/6/2014

For her next-to-last song, she did "Turn On Your Radio" from her most recent album, 2010's All the Women I Am. Other songs in Thursday's set ("Rather Ride Around With You," for one) can still be heard in the music of country music's leading ladies circa 2014 -- what few of them there are in a field that currently has more testosterone than your average NFL locker room But with a heavier rock arrangement than almost any of her other songs, she sounded like she might be ready to jump right back in there with them. The message even fits - the song is addressed to an ex, but works just as well as an answer to any critics wondering whether or not Reba's still got it where it counts.

There's a sports term for that kind of hater-vanquishing achievement: scoreboard. Reba went scoreboard at the rodeo Thursday.

Personal Bias: Can't even get the blues.

The Crowd: Survivors. Many were old enough to know who Vicki Lawrence is.

Overheard In the Crowd: "We need to get something to eat."

Random Notebook Dump: Not sure how many of you know, but "Fancy" was originally written and performed by Bobbie Gentry, the Mississippi singer-songwriter much better-known for her runaway 1967 hit "Ode to Billie Joe."


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