Lorde at Bayou Music Center, 3/5/2014

Photos by Jack Gorman
Lorde, Lo-Fang
Bayou Music Center
March 5, 2014

The crowd screams for Lorde like she's a pop star. They roar at the start of every song, from her big singles to her album cuts to her Replacements cover. They cheer when she moves to their side of the stage or when she points out someone in the crowd.

They are not bothered by the fact that she doesn't move like a pop star or dress like a pop star or have the elaborate stage setup of a pop star. They don't even mind that her songs aren't overproduced messes or that she sings about subjects that upper-class artists ignore.

These are good things, because pop music needs someone like Lorde. Yeah, party-rocking and twerking may pack the arenas, but a sold-out crowd singing back more than just the hits makes a good argument that people care about what she has to say, too.

You will not get a lot of vocal gymnastics at a Lorde concert. The music she performs is never going to wow you for how many octaves she hits or how long she holds a note, but that doesn't mean she can't sing. She sounded clear and confident, especially when she got to those beautiful opening lines on "Bravado." She doesn't use any backup vocalists, instead relying on backing tracks to deliver faithful representations of her studio work.

Using the backing tracks was a smart decision on her part. On the whole her music is sparse, and even when it sounds full it's rarely dense. Extra vocalists would mess up the simplicity that often makes her material catchy.

And catchy it is. The beats are so solid that she regularly had the crowd -- girls, boys, men and women alike -- grooving to the music. Her lyrical content may be off the beaten path, but a solid groove is something everyone can get behind.

The most interesting part of the set came near the end, which saw her reworking two of her biggest singles. Although it sounds impossible, somehow the live version of "Royals" is both more sparse and overdramatic at the same time. Meanwhile, "Team" has gone from a catchy little number to a raging epic that should be the graduation song for every small-town high school in the country.

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Bayou Music Center

520 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

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I rarely/never comment on stories, but I disagree about the show. I have been to so many concerts over the years, and I thought this one was terrible. A) I felt like I was listening to a CD player and watching lip syncing. B) The crowd was pretty terrible for the most part. Some people were even getting mad when people were talking to each other (in a loud concert!). Also, by and large, it was a room full of people just staring at a stage. There was not a lot of dancing/interaction going on. In short: easily the worst show I have ever been to.


Sorry @Anonymous1, but she was obviously not lip syncing and had a live drummer. The crowd was screaming along to all of it, and in the back (where there was room) I was flanked by full-body rockin' dancers of all ages.


@Anonymous1 "Some people were even getting mad when people were talking to each other (in a loud concert!)" People pay good money to hear the music live, not your squawking about your personal life.

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