The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back, music fans, from the Last VJ. It's a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors this week as we see people trick their cameras in handful of ways to create strange illusions. We also go straight into the hellish mind of Hieronymus Bosch thanks to Odonis Odonis, and we say our goodbyes to Dave Brockie in my personal favorite GWAR videos of all time.


Hundred Waters, "Cavity"
Few videos can really pull of minimalism and camera tricks effectively; too often both are merely a crutch for a crippled idea. Director Michael Langan does an excellent job with "Cavity," though, utilizing simple manipulations of light to continuously alter your perception of Nicole Miglis's shadowed singing face.

Then suddenly the whole thing explodes into a strange, alien brushland full of lights that for a split second makes you feel like you're seeing weird anemones at the bottom of the ocean. It's an unearthly piece that really grabs you, and a triumph of the simple approach.

Ghost Beach, "Miracle"
Back in the day, MTV sometimes just threw a band on a bare soundstage and did weird things with colors and stock footage. At the end of the day it was a called a music video; while such things are a little passé today, it's always cool when someone does it right.

Take "Miracle," for instance. With its cheesy insistence on perfectly literal visual interpretations of the lyrics it's so bad it's actually brilliant. That's what happens when you play such things with dead seriousness. Ghost Beach knows what they're doing, and to quote the song "It's a miracle even if it's inside my head."

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Odonis Odonis, "Order In the Court"
Who want to be inside a Hieronymus Bosch painting for two whole minutes while an industrial-noise act screams at you? What, really? Just me? Fine then, it's still a hell of a mind-bending animated vision of the seven hells, and I for one think it's delightful no matter how sinister or macabre it comes across.

Lee Stringle brings all the horror of medieval madness to throbbing life, and that's always a good time when you're not actually there waiting for the plague doctors to tell you you're going to die.

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