The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans. We're keeping things very weird this week, with barely a normal offering to be had at any level. Black-light love songs and animated hellscapes await, as do pretty girls, melting dogs and whatever else the black pit of the Internet has thrown up and set to music.

Unfortunately, we've had some trouble with our voting setup, so this week it's just a celebration of music videos instead of a contest. Feel free to tell us which one you loved best in the comments, though.

CHAMPION: Death Vessel, "Mercury Dime"
Congratulations to last week's winner Death Vessel for managing to unseat Melanie Martinez's delightfully macabre and strange "Dollhouse." How did they do that? By being 14 times more bizarre.

Throwing pies at severed heads, strange, but also with a real stagecraft and light whimsical touch to keep it from going grim. Good show.

Cymbals, "Erosion"
At its heart, director Matthew Reed has concocted a classic music video for "Erosion" that calls to mind the early days of MTV, when they simply let whichever lunatic had a camera do whatever the hell he or she wanted. But unlike a lot of other videos primarily made up of random images and camera tricks, "Erosion" has a point.

Amid the objects that are given oil-like textures and then shown to melt are glimpses of the Internet's most infamous viral videos. The message is that the constant deluge of bizarre pop nonsense from online is slowly wearing away our ability to think, which is certainly true. Take it from a pop-culture reporter... at the end of a day scouring for stories, sometimes you're lucky if you can work a can opener.

REWIND: Last Week's Music Video Roundup

Boogarins, "Erre"
It never ceases to amaze me the amount of animated music videos people can turn out now that technology has put that ability into the hands of just about anyone willing to give it a shot, and Steven Mertens' "Erre" is a doozy. Boogarins' slightly dissonant but utterly hypnotic music plays out over a strange cartoon prison escape that feels more like fleeing from a hell drawn by Rob Zombie than a conventional earthly prison.

It's times like this I really wish I did drugs, but I'm sure that "Erre" is the reason they were invented.

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