Kevin Fowler at the Rodeo Cookoff, 3/1/2014

But R or PG-13, Fowler's lyrics are almost always easy to sing along to, and lots and lots (and lots) of them involve beer: "Lord Loves a Drinkin' Man," "Beer, Bait & Ammo," "Hell Yeah, I Like Beer," "Not Drinkin' Anymore" ("...but I ain't drinkin' any less") and "If I Could Make a Livin' Drinkin'," from his brand-new album How Country Are Ya? Those are just the ones with booze in the title, but just for kicks he switched to tequila for "Senorita Mas Fina."

For once, in an unusual act these days, the crowd held more beers aloft than phones, urged on by Fowler's exhortations like "somebody's going to jail tonight." A few girls climbed up on willing shoulders. One especially inspired gentleman used his phone to snap a photo of the stage while balancing not one but two beer cans in his other hand. The title track of How Country Are Ya? was precisely the wrong time to think about going to the bathroom, due to the amount of two-steppers in the vicinity.

But amid all the revelry (which, to the crowd's credit, never slipped into debauchery), one particularly illuminating moment stood out. As Fowler sang "Hard Man to Love," his candid admission of the romance-related shortcomings that avidly pursuing his profession can create, every lady within earshot began singing along -- loudly, and even somewhat on-key. It wouldn't be fair to speculate what such enthusiastic participation says about each one's choice of mate (or lack thereof), but it does speak volumes about Kevin Fowler's talents as an entertainer.

Personal Bias: Hard man to love. 100 percent Texan. Ain't drinkin' anymore.

The Crowd: Early spring breakers, many clad in Cabela's and Cavenders' finest; the rest of them loud and proud Texas girls. Partaking freely, but overall not too wasted.

Overheard In the Crowd: "I had to wait 15 minutes to go to the bathroom."

Random Notebook Dump: This:

Photo by Chris Gray

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