Jason Aldean at Reliant Stadium, 3/11/2014

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Photos courtesy of Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Jason Aldean
Reliant Stadium
March 11, 2014

We're a bit confused, but somehow still impressed, in the aftermath of Tuesday night's performance at RodeoHouston.

You see, Jason Aldean made his fifth consecutive rodeo appearance, and from the moment he took the stage, everything was right with the world. He showed up, red Solo cup and Fireball whiskey in hand, and immediately launched into his brand of country-rock with "Crazy Town."

The crowd was massive -- clocking in at 72,088 -- which always makes for a much more exciting show. Fans were roaring and screaming during the rodeo, and somehow managed to up that a notch or 12 at the moment Aldean took the stage. That's what rodeo season is about.

And we can see why the ladies were screaming. Aldean is a cute one, and loves to flirt with the crowd. He was all gussied up in some ripped-up jeans and a pearl-snap shirt. We also liked that his style was a little edgier than more traditional country artists, without quite devolving into "bro-country."

As soon as he started to play, we noted that he's what's good about "new country," with both a laid-back attitude and killer stage presence. He and his rowdy band were doing so well on hits like "When She Says Baby," which is a standout based on the crowd's reaction alone. We even jammed out to "Big Green Tractor" with no shame, despite not owning or ever having ridden a tractor.

Aldean has a natural ease onstage, like he was born to be up there in front of a massive crowd. He's straight entertainer through and through, and has probably always been that way.

The concert was panning out to be a great one -- the noise from the crowd kept things a a ten, and Aldean was a spitfire on that mike. But then something crazy happened, and we were taken aback.

Aldean was playing "Dirt Road Anthem," which has a great, catchy hook, and he started country-rapping. Not in a Nelly "Country Grammar" kind of way, either; more like that new-school hick-hop kind of way. Our jaws dropped. Hick-hop is not the one.

To be fair, though, if Aldean is going to insist on those kind of antics, he's may be one of the only country musician who can pull it off. He's so laid-back and, well, country, that it doesn't come off as ridiculous. At least not in a "Mud Jug" kind of way.

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