The Rocks Off 200: Jake Rawls -- Kemo For Emo Is Back

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Johnny Jones
Who? Jake Rawls is the lead guitarist for a band I love a great deal and has had a somewhat troubled history. Kemo for Emo brought their power-pop/punk to Houston more than a decade ago, and for many years it looked like they were on their way up and out. However, a slew of breakups, hiatuses and reformations kept the project always on the edge of the scene, despite excellent recordings like What Happens In Omaha.

Now they're all a little older, a little more laid-back and Rawls has put his other act, Sundown Audio, on hold while Kemo tries to make their magic again.

Rawls was raised on steady diet of country music as a child, but never really cared. For the longest time, the concept of music really didn't click with him because of that; he just couldn't comprehend that someone could even have a favorite song. Then one day after junior high, a friend of his played Smashing Pumpkins' "Jellybelly" and he was blown away.

Heavier music opened up a whole new way to look at the world for Rawls, and he started to devour every pop-punk and darker-edged pop record he could lay his hands on. It was The Offspring's Americana that made him stand up and say, "I've got to learn how to do this."

Currently Kemo is in the woodshed shaking off the rust, but already have five or six new tunes they can't wait to bring back to Houston stages. Stay tuned.

Home Base: At his heart Rawls is a bedroom jammer, and that's still where he feels the most creative and at home. For performances he loves the upstairs at Fitzgerald's, though he hasn't had a chance to play it since the change in ownership. Rawls also has a soft spot for Scout Bar, finding the staff very open to different ideas on music.

Good War Story: "My first job was at Space Center Houston, where I had been working as a tour guide," he recalls. "One Saturday we were scheduled to be the local support for Allister at JavaJazz in Spring.

After work I raced all the way from Clear Lake to Spring to make it in time for load-in and sound check, but due to traffic and underestimating the drive I was hopelessly late. The other guys were also running late, so the venue assumed we were no shows.

When we do show up, the venue is obviously not pleased. They agree to let us play on their side stage, which we figured is the only way to save face with these guys in event of future gigs. We go on as the same time as Allister, whom obviously everybody was there to see. We played in front of the sound guy and Larry's [Sanders, guitar/vocals] wife.

Why Do You Stay in Houston? "Houston has this funny gravitational pull on me," says Rawls. "I've seriously considered leaving Houston three or four times in my life, and every single time I've gotten serious about it, something -- a job, a band, a girlfriend, etc. pops up and keeps me grounded here. But that's OK: I love this city and most of my close friends and relatives remain here."

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I used to listed to Kemo For Emo back in the mid 2000's.  I thought they would have been youtube sensations by now.  I remember the bass player would always draw "male body parts" all over everything.  They were hilarious.

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