Look Out, Boy DJs of Houston: Here Come the Girls

Photos courtesy of Here Come The Girls
At their first gig ever, a funny thing happened to Here Come The Girls.

The boys came running.

"It was a bit hectic getting all of the gear set up and we had guys coming up to us all night fixing our levels on the mixer," says co-founder Darenda Weaver. "We thought it was really funny because if it had been a male up there DJing, people would likely expect him to know what he was doing or tell him to fix the levels rather than touching his gear. It was just all in all a fun night, so we decide to book some more shows."

Since then, Houston's all-female DJ group has cut out the kinks and built up an audience from shows at MKT Bar, Eastdown Warehouse, Big Top Lounge and the like. This Sunday the group kicks off their second year together with a noon-5 p.m. showcase at Pop Shop Houston, 1657 Westheimer.

Darenda Weaver
"We are a group of females who spin '60s music, all on vinyl," says the group's other co-founder, DJ Say Yes. "Mainly 45s, but a few LPs have been known to sneak in there at times."

"Yesenia used to do a vinyl night at East Side Social Center called Ambassadors of Soul and invited me out to an event," Weaver recalls. "She mentioned it would be really neat if, on Valentine's Day, we showcased female DJs because we knew there were a couple of other girls around town who collected vinyl. After she mentioned that, it got me thinking about an all-female DJ troupe and I asked if she would be interested and it kind of went from there."

"We'd see each other at A Fistful of Soul, which are friends of ours, and at other soul clubs around the state -- Alamo City Soul Club in San Antonio, Big Beat in Austin, Dallas with The Smoke Club," says Say Yes. "We eventually started carpooling together to these events, and just finding out we both love soul. We are definitely soul sisters! Then I met her sister through her and Abra came along later."

DJ Say Yes
Abra is Abra Schnur, is one of the group's DJs and Weaver's bandmate in The Motion, which will perform Sunday following the showcase Schnur is also married to a DJ, so she's made an observation about those who spin music -- particularly music from the 1960s, which is her calling card.

"The '60s soul and R&B scene is definitely male-dominated," she says. "I mean, we could really get into why that is, but let's not. Maybe there's an anthropological field study on it somewhere.

"But when you start talking about '60s international stuff -- baroque pop, psych, garage, British Invasion -- that really gets me going. And, you notice that's where the females tend to be."

"Darenda and I were Facebook friends but we actually met at a Fistful of Soul night," says Schnur. "She liked what I was wearing and wanted me to join her band, The Motion. I said, well aside from my amazing fashion sense, I can actually sing! It was silly, but we've been collaborating since."

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