10 Awesome Hair-Band Videos You Probably Forgot

4. Dokken, "It's Not Love"
Here's some sweet hair-band music being played from the back of a flatbed trailer in the middle of a city. Man, we wish this would happen on our street. And where can we get one of those sweet blue-jean vests?

3. Cinderella, "Shake Me"
Holy hell, is this video awesome. It's got twins as the evil stepsisters, a hot version of Cinderella -- the Disney character, not the band -- and some fucking epic hair. This band knew how to get it all right.

2. Winger, "Seventeen"
We can cosign on any hair-band video where the band is predominantly shirtless, but also wearing jackets. That happens in "Seventeen," and even when the guys do choose to wear a top, it's a tiny-tiny version of a shirt. Go ahead on with your bad selves, Winger. Your beautiful man-perms are like angel wings, and you can do no wrong in our eyes, shirtless or otherwise.

1. Skid Row, "18 and Life"
Oh, Sebastian Bach. Way to eschew the expected for a hair band with your long, straight locks of epicness. The rest of your band filled in the teased-hair gaps for you, and even if they hadn't, we'd still count "18 and Life" as our No. 1 hair-band video because it's fucking Skid Row and they were everything great about the genre.

Guaranteed, we're jamming out to this video right now, in fact, because Sebastian Bach is nearly always the Kryptonite of our workplace productivity levels.


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Omg, that Unskinny Bop was a shit song.

Patricia Pereira
Patricia Pereira

LOVE! Great write-up...love the wit and of course the subject. Seen a handful of these guys in concert! Inspired me to crank my Twisted Sister station on Pandora today :-)

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