10 Awesome Hair-Band Videos You Probably Forgot

Sorry, but we refuse to start spamming the Rocks Off Twitter account with gnarly photos of our '80s mullets and half-shirts. No one needs to see that.

So instead, we're going to take things old-school in another way -- spamming your eyeballs with some of the sweetest hair-band videos known to man. You're going to like it, because everyone likes a little Ratt every now and then. Whip out the hairspray and bandannas, folks -- happy Throwback Thursday!

10. Motley Crue, "Kickstart My Heart"
No hair-band list would be legit without at least one Motley Crue song. Luckily "Kickstart My Heart" is there with all the skydiving and epic car crashes you'll ever need. Enjoy that hairspray train wreck of a video, because we sure did.

9. Babylon A.D., "Hammer Swings Down"
Chicks, fire and permed man-hair. Oh, and we spy with our little eye some leather dude-chaps. Need we say more?

8. Poison, "Unskinny Bop"
Man, Poison wore some sweet skinny pants on "Unskinny Bop," while killing off the hair-band scene in so many ways. When you can pull off pants like that with a vest and a skeevy hat, you've found hair-band nirvana. That's exactly what's happening in this video, with some trenchcoat action and guitar shredding to boot.

7. Scorpions, "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
Are you ready, baybaaaaaay? We may know a certain writer who sang this song on repeat at karaoke the night before Hurricane Ike, and it was a terrible, terrible idea. Hurricane parties sound like a genius move, until you're so drunk you think "Rock You Like A Hurricane" needs more pelvic thrusts and air guitar.

We think Scorpions had pelvic thrusts covered in the '80s. No need to ever add more, even with 75-mph winds bearing down on you.

6. Warrant, "Cherry Pie"
Yes, Warrant had way better songs than "Cherry Pie," but none of them belong on this list because "Cherry Pie" is the fucking epitome of hair-band music.

5. Ratt, "Round and Round"
Come on. It's fuckin' Ratt. Love will find a way, just give it time. Damn, we loved this band so much.

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Omg, that Unskinny Bop was a shit song.

Patricia Pereira
Patricia Pereira

LOVE! Great write-up...love the wit and of course the subject. Seen a handful of these guys in concert! Inspired me to crank my Twisted Sister station on Pandora today :-)

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