Ellie Goulding at Bayou Music Center, 3/24/2014

Photos by Jack Gorman
Ellie Goulding, Conway
Bayou Music Center
March 24, 2014

When it comes to musical artists, labels are a tricky thing. Critics and fans like them because they help slot performers into easily recognizable tropes, shorthand we can use to explain someone without really explaining them. They're not necessarily lazy, but they're often silly.

There are those out there that love to link Ellie Goulding with the world of EDM; sometimes it's the Queen of EDM, sometimes it's the more humble Voice of EDM. This isn't unreasonable, mind you, but it is kind of silly. Yes, there is the awesome Bassnectar remix of "Lights" and, yes, she did do that song with Calvin Harris, but she's more than just a pretty voice that sounds good to a beat.

To slot her in one genre does a real disservice to her talents, especially once you've seen her live.

To watch an Ellie Goulding performance is to be swept up in a variety of styles, a variety of sights, and a variety of emotions. It's the type of thing that most modern pop performers aim for and miss wildly.

The show started off with a roar, with "Figure 8" being transformed from a moody set of electronics on the album to a rocker heavy enough to get the few dudes in leather jackets in the crowd moving their head up and down in approval. The entire first act of the set was high-energy, amped-up versions of her songs with an edge, but still felt organic. She's also got the hair-swinging rock star moves down.

Then things get taken down a notch. She pulled out a guitar for "Guns and Horses" and you remember that for all the bombast of the first part of her set, and the beats of the songs she's been featured on, her roots are writing songs on the guitar. Her most powerful weapon is always her voice, and the more stripped-down versions of her songs, as well as her delightful cover of Elton John's "Your Song," are a reminder of that.

But lest things get too sappy, the back half of the show gave fans the dance party many of them seemed to have paid for. Onstage Goulding dances like no one is watching, and so did most of the crowd that had room to. It's charming in that Manic Pixie Dream Girl sort of way.

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Bayou Music Center

520 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

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The opener reminded me a lot of Lissie Trullie, who has pretty much the same sound but inches towards Nico where Conway leans towards Pink.  

Watching Ellie Goulding was exhausting.  Can't wait for her aerobics program to come out on VHS.

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