Cher at Toyota Center, 3/24/2014

That was the theme for the entire show. Everything was over the top, from the umpteen costume and wig swap-outs to Cher's fantastic costumes and rockin' body. Man, it's hard to believe that the woman is 67 years old now. She's got the body of a 20-year-old, and the sense of humor to match.

The set list scattered her many hits over the years, stretching all the way back to the Sonny and Cher days. She hit about every era, with "If I Could Turn Back Time" being the obvious standout. Her massive '90s dance hit, "Believe," was a close second, with neon backup dancers and a semi-gyrating Cher -- she doesn't really dance as much as she struts -- but you really can't top her '80s era.

Sonny even joined her onstage via a projector screen during "I Got You Babe." It was the only time Cher really toned it back, introducing the number with a bit of ambivalence and saying she knows Sonny would have loved it. It sounds tacky on paper, but honestly wasn't. She did him proud with a sweet rendition of the song, true to the original, in which she sang back to his lyrics.

She did everyone proud though, really. Cher is an icon for a reason, and if this really is her "final farewell-farewell" tour, that's a shame. Judging from Monday night, she's got about 67 more years left in her, and only gets better with time.

Personal Bias: Honestly, I figured I'd be way more into Pat Benatar's set. I was pleasantly surprised by Cher. Go figure.

The Crowd: Evenly split by the older, more nostalgic generation and men looking up to Cher as their icon. She brings in such a diverse and friendly crowd, put perhaps that's because she truly is fab.

Overheard In the Crowd: "Ooh girl. This has to be at least the seventh wig change now!" (It had to be, but I'd lost count as well at that point.)

Random Notebook Dump: Sorry, Bey, but you've got nothing on this one. We'll give you about 35 more years, and then we'll talk. Cher knows how to do this diva thing right.


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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

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LOL.. Cher is not saying goodbye. She tried that in "02"  please.. Even if she has to use a walker that bitch will be back...


Great review Angelica!  It was an awesome night out in Houston.You are right on re: Benatar -and Cher was spectacular as always. 


The Toyota Center is an arena, not a stadium. Words matter. We have different ones for different things.

The only way Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo could do a "massive stadium tour" at this point in their careers is if they bought a food truck and parked it in front

Neil Giraldo exerts an undue influence in live performances with his far more talented wife. His okay guitar playing stomps all over the songs and performance and removes any trace of nuance from Benatar's performance. Now that I think about it, I guess songs like "Hell Is For Children" don't have a ton of nuance anyway but he is hella annoying.

These are things you might pick up on if you knew anything about music, which you clearly don't.

How "meta" it is to have a music critic that could care less about music. Kudos HP!


@ratsing @unclelijah  

Because of course anyone wanting to raise the critical bar above "shit-yourself stupid" is Comic Book Guy. With any luck I'll be dead in 25 years when your idiot children drag us even further into the tarpits.

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