Cher at Toyota Center, 3/24/2014

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Cher, Pat Benatar & Neil Geraldo
Toyota Center
March 24, 2014

"All right, well, this is the beginning of the magical mystery circus..."

Monday night, Cher took the stage at Toyota Center on her second stop on the "Dressed to Kill" final farewell tour. It really will be a shame if this is her goodbye to the stage, because at age 67, she absolutely kicked the shit out of it.

But first up, the inimitable Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, who freakin' opened for Cher.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. The fact that those two musicians were opening for anyone is ludicrous to me too, considering they could easily pull off their own massive stadium tour, but the only thing I can say is that it's Cher, and she does what she wants. Lucky for us.

There's nothing quite as awesome as watching Benatar and Giraldo onstage together. It's been 35 years since they first took the stage, and not much has changed. Benatar's vocals are still every bit as velvety and throaty as ever. She's insane. And Giraldo is a flirt, both musically and otherwise, teasing the audience with a grin and bits and pieces of songs like Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl." They stuck with Benatar's hits, though, and thank God they did. That's where they both belong.

They're a power couple, no question. Giraldo is insane, ripping not only that guitar but the piano to shreds, and at points both the piano and guitar. And Benatar is the quintessential rocker, with every ounce of stage presence one would want in a rock star. At one point, the entire stadium, already full for this opening act, was singing along to "Love Is a Battlefield."

It was so awesome to see; my only complaint was that their set was way too short. But in reality, I could have watched those two lovebirds play all night. They really are something special.

And then came Cher.

In a flurry of costumes and wig changes, Cher took the stage and the entire show changed. We jumped from some serious rock music to a showcase of Cher's styles through the years. It was a crazy transition, but somehow -- probably because it was Cher -- it happened seamlessly.

The opening song was announced via a glittering, high-to-the-heavens pedestal, from which Cher sang the opening of "Strong Enough." In theory it seems campy and silly for someone to arrive on a giant pedestal amid golden backup dancers, but honestly, it worked. Everything worked.

Cher's stage antics were amazing from the moment she arrived, as one would expect from such a seasoned performer, but her self-deprecating humor was an unexpected (and most welcome) arrival. She joked about her lack of an ass while poking fun at Kim Kardashian's, and basically spent about ten minutes endearing herself to the already adoring audience. Cher had them in the palm of her hand from the get-go, but she still managed to make herself just a little bit more accessible. It was way cute.

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LOL.. Cher is not saying goodbye. She tried that in "02"  please.. Even if she has to use a walker that bitch will be back...


Great review Angelica!  It was an awesome night out in Houston.You are right on re: Benatar -and Cher was spectacular as always. 


The Toyota Center is an arena, not a stadium. Words matter. We have different ones for different things.

The only way Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo could do a "massive stadium tour" at this point in their careers is if they bought a food truck and parked it in front

Neil Giraldo exerts an undue influence in live performances with his far more talented wife. His okay guitar playing stomps all over the songs and performance and removes any trace of nuance from Benatar's performance. Now that I think about it, I guess songs like "Hell Is For Children" don't have a ton of nuance anyway but he is hella annoying.

These are things you might pick up on if you knew anything about music, which you clearly don't.

How "meta" it is to have a music critic that could care less about music. Kudos HP!


@ratsing @unclelijah  

Because of course anyone wanting to raise the critical bar above "shit-yourself stupid" is Comic Book Guy. With any luck I'll be dead in 25 years when your idiot children drag us even further into the tarpits.

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