25 Shows In Houston You Should See This Spring

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New Monsoon
Last Concert Cafe, May 9 & 10

Bay Area jam band New Monsoon has been steadily touring since the early 2000s, always making it a point to stop in Houston for a show or two or three or four. Eventually they built up a strong local fan base that was eventually nicknamed the Texas Tribe. Among the faithful was promoter Gary Hartman of Tapir Productions, who became New Monsoon's manager in 2008 but sadly passed away unexpectedly when he was struck by an aneurysm only four years later.

For their return to Houston, New Monsoon have reunited with their original "three-headed crew" of percussionist Rajiv Parikh and drummers Marty Ylitalo and Brian Carey, and will be joined by Railroad Earth's Tim Carbone (fiddle) and ALO's Dan Lebowitz (guitar) at "GaryFest," the second of hopefully many more events to come. Not to be missed. JIM BRICKER

House of Blues, May 9

Don't we all have a copy of the Toadies' debut album Rubberneck stuffed away in a box somewhere? How could you possibly have been a Texan teenager in the '90s and not want to see them perform the whole thing live, front to back? JOHN SEABORN GRAY

Toyota Center, May 11

Remember when Avicii was mostly known as the wildly successful guy everyone picked on for writing "Levels"? Well, he's now mostly known as the wildly successful producer of those weird country/EDM hybrids storming the charts. When was the last time you saw a DJ playing a venue as big as Toyota Center? And now that it's been a few years, admit it: "Levels" is pretty fun. CORY GARCIA

Jimmy Eat World
House of Blues, May 16

Jimmy Eat World is my favorite band, so you're damn right I'm excited about this show. It's been a minute and change since they've been in town, so if you haven't heard anything off Damages live yet, get excited. And don't act like "The Middle" didn't speak to you at one point in your life. CORY GARCIA

Fitzgerald's, May 22

Aside from Eeagulls' notoriety over an adolescent note on their blog complaining about various people and the music industry, I've heard that this UK post-punk quartet out of Leeds has a ridiculous energy live. Their sound is stripped just bare enough to remain fuzzed-up and melodic, so I'm intrigued. ALEXA CRENSHAW

Stephen Marley
House of Blues, May 22

Son of fertile reggae icon Bob Marley -- also sire of Damien, Ziggy, Ky-Mani and Julian -- Stephen Marley has modestly racked up five Grammys, including Best Reggae Album in both 2008 and 2012. For his first Houston show in a couple years, "Raggamuffin" Marley will assuredly bring both his and his dad's hits. JIM BRICKER

Journey, Steve Miller Band, Tower of Power
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, May 23

My wife hates these nostalgia tours, but we have an old friend who insists on dragging us once a year. He chose this show for 2014, and I'm actually looking forward to it because of the Steve Miller Band. Setlist.fm says he'll open with "Jungle Love" and never slow down on music every one of you has heard at least a snippet of. By the time he plays "The Joker," I'll have drunk enough beer to sing about the pompatus of love. JESSE SENDEJAS JR.

Old 97's, Lydia Loveless
Fitzgerald's, May 27

I've been a huge Old 97's fan since my brother went to interview them in Austin while they were touring on Wreck Your Life and I tagged along. I've seen them live numerous times and they always blow me away, and are not slowing down with age at all. Opener Lydia Loveless has one of the better twangy guitar-pop releases in recent memory with this year's Somewhere Else. A reliable veteran and a fiery newcomer always means a hell of a good time. JOHN SEABORN GRAY

Houston Beer Fest
Sam Houston Park, June 7

Even if 200 or so regional and national craft beers aren't enough to instinctively draw you downtown, the organizers of Houston Beer Fest have put together a pretty smashing (or just smashed) musical lineup to entertain folks waiting for refills. Salty, earth notes from local twangers like Second Lovers and the Dead Rabbits will be followed by the full, bitter flavors of big-time rappers including Rick Ross, Juicy J and Action Bronson. Get ready for a highly quaffable couple of days outdoors. NATHAN SMITH


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how about Bruce Springsteen, THE BOSS? Don't miss out, kiddies.

Shaun Gray
Shaun Gray

HAIM @ House of Blues on April 22nd!


Madness on Main Street is May 10 at Continental Club, Big Top, and Alley Cat. There will be several dozen local and regional bands performing all day. Highly suggested to readers who want to catch a lot of Houston's best local acts in one day.

Chris Scott George
Chris Scott George

Milk Carton Kids, Shake Russell, Dillinger Escape Plan (May), John Fulbright (May). I'd love to help w the music selection here...

Jon Harvey
Jon Harvey

Can't believe Deer Tick didn't make this list.

Summer Joy Davis
Summer Joy Davis

I saw Warpaint at Fitzgerald's as the headliner back in 2011. I guess I missed them when they came this way again over the last couple of years? I am looking forward to their next show at Fitz next month.


 Yup, I was at that warpaint show at Fitz too. April, 2011. Google tells  me that the show with Grandfather Child at Mango's was a year earlier in April 2010. You didnt miss nuthin Summer...

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