25 Shows In Houston You Should See This Spring

Photo by Marco Torres
Wild Moccasins
Fitzgerald's, April 29

It's exciting seeing how much hype the Wild Moccasins have accumulated over the years, and their self-released debut EP Diamonds for Constellations remains a local favorite of mine. I loved watching their brand of electric colorful pop music, but have only heard their newer stuff through outlets like Noisey. I'm looking forward to seeing more of how they've evolved. ALEXA CRENSHAW

Fitzgerald's, April 29

In a perfect world, Tycho would score my entire life. There's something about his music that's both cinematic and timeless, fitting music to play over Instagram-filtered memories of the past. It's the perfect blend of ambient electronic and post-rock, and here's your chance to hear the sounds of a million summer road trips in person. CORY GARCIA

Woods, Quilt, Hamamatsu Tom & the Gone Pecans
Mango's, May 1

This one mostly goes out to Hamamatsu Tom and his revolving band, who are always fun live whatever their sound turns into. I also see that the folk-tinged sound of Woods and Quilt have drawn some positive reviews from the likes of Pitchfork. ALEXA CRENSHAW

Photo by Groovehouse
Ghost B.C.
House of Blues, May 2

Your favorite metal band's favorite metal band, mysterious Swedes Ghost B.C. (just plain Ghost to the rest of the planet) have captivated audiences worldwide in recent years with their striking blend of classic proto-metal and occult gimmickry, led by skull-faced singer Papa Emeritus. Looking and sounding something like an undead, Satanic Blue Oyster Cult, they're coming to convert your children this May. Don't skimp on the lamb's blood. NATHAN SMITH

Trampled By Turtles
Fitzgerald's, May 2

Bluegrass is sadly underrepresented in Houston, so when a group like Trampled by Turtles comes around every year or two, they fill a craving that borders on mania. The Minnesota folksters have already played to some pretty packed rooms here, and with a new album in the works produced by Low's Alan Sparhawk, I doubt that will change at Fitz. JIM BRICKER

Tom Jones
House of Blues, May 4

Even at 73, Tom Jones is one sexy motherlover. I dare you fans who first fell in love with him in the '60s to toss your granny panties onstage. If you did it unison during "She's a Lady," it would look like a group of paratroopers floating around a Welsh god. Next - so many hits, from "What's New, Pussycat?" to "Sex Bomb." Finally, I promise to YouTube any or all of you attempting "The Carlton" during "It's Not Unusual." JESSE SENDEJAS JR.

Say Hi
Fitzgerald's, May 8

Formerly calling themselves Say Hi to Your Mom, Say Hi is known for eccentric lyrics and indie-pop highlighted by vibrant electronic parts. The Seattle-via-Brooklyn group has perfected this near-abandoned style in a way that's kept them relevant long after the electronica craze died out. If your inner goth-nerd is looking to dance, this is the show for you. ALYSSA DUPREE

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how about Bruce Springsteen, THE BOSS? Don't miss out, kiddies.

Shaun Gray
Shaun Gray

HAIM @ House of Blues on April 22nd!


Madness on Main Street is May 10 at Continental Club, Big Top, and Alley Cat. There will be several dozen local and regional bands performing all day. Highly suggested to readers who want to catch a lot of Houston's best local acts in one day.

Chris Scott George
Chris Scott George

Milk Carton Kids, Shake Russell, Dillinger Escape Plan (May), John Fulbright (May). I'd love to help w the music selection here...

Jon Harvey
Jon Harvey

Can't believe Deer Tick didn't make this list.

Summer Joy Davis
Summer Joy Davis

I saw Warpaint at Fitzgerald's as the headliner back in 2011. I guess I missed them when they came this way again over the last couple of years? I am looking forward to their next show at Fitz next month.


 Yup, I was at that warpaint show at Fitz too. April, 2011. Google tells  me that the show with Grandfather Child at Mango's was a year earlier in April 2010. You didnt miss nuthin Summer...

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