UPDATED: 20 '90s Pop-Punk Albums Better Than Green Day's Dookie

4. Punk In Drublic, NOFX
Come on. Just go throw on Punk In Drublic and tell us we're not totally and completely accurate in its placement. We dare you not to dance along in earnest with "Reeko." "Bob."

3. ...And Out Come The Wolves, Rancid
Every single song on ...And Out Come The Wolves is a masterpiece, from "Ruby Soho" to "Old Friend." This album plays out just as well as it did all those years back, and for that, we salute Tim Time Bomb and friends. Ain't nothin' wrong with this album at all.

2, Life In General, MXPX
Say what you want about pop-punk as a genre, but if there was ever a band to do the genre some serious justice, it was the Bremerton boys known as MXPX.

1. Full Circle, Pennywise
Released in 1997, Full Circle was recorded in the years following Pennywise founding member and bassist Jason Thirsk's death. Although Full Circle may not be as pop-heavy as the albums above, the sheer beauty of the band's devotion to processing their grief while paying tribute to their fallen bandmate is beautiful in its own right, and deserves way more credit than they've been given.


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None of these albums are better than Dookie. 


Seeing as this is a "pop-punk" list, that hardcore album by that Swedish hardcore band should be replaced with the Dwarves' "Are Young and Good Looking" and then the rest of the list should be deleted entirely.


This is just a list of other pop punk albums of the 90's...

Heard most of them, some are good (goldfinger, rancid, screeching weasel), but none are groundbreaking. None are better than Dookie, either. 

Chances are the author of this post appreciates Dookie more than she lets on...3/4 of this list have close ties to Green Day.


MadMac topcommenter

Thanks, on the tip-side, Ms. Leicht. There are so many of these I planned on adding to my iTunes list but so many more I forgot about. Yeah, old folks. This is too good to keep, I know what I'll be tweeting/facebooking when I'm off Uncle Sugar's dime. 


You said "we don't like Dookie, not even sort of." Who is this we? The other writers at the press?

I didn't see much of an argument as as to why you (plural) don't like. It's a bit narrow minded to dismiss an entire album because it doesn't fit your definition of punk. A lot of things don't agree with what other people want to label it.

Also, Bob wasn't on Punk in Drublic. It was on White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean. Poser.


@LoriMeyers I (or "we," I suppose) actually called them all punk-pop, not punk. And you're right. Wrong album on "Bob." We'll agree to disagree on the other stuff. ;)

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