UPDATED: 20 '90s Pop-Punk Albums Better Than Green Day's Dookie

10. Adios Amigos!, Ramones
This 1995 release featured a slightly different sound than previous Ramones albums, and also broke the CBGB legends' Billboard curse, with "I Don't Want to Grow Up" hitting No. 30 on the Modern Rock charts. Joey's ailing vocals caused the band to slow down the tempo; with that more mature sound, they inadvertently created a masterpiece. The next year they broke up after more than 20 years together.

9. White Light, White Heat, White Trash, Social Distortion
So, perhaps this album isn't quite pop-punk, but it still deserves some recognition for kicking Dookie's ass in every way possible other than on the charts. Released in 1996, White Light, is Social Distortion's fifth album and the final to feature guitarist Dennis Danell, who passed away from an aneurysm a few years later. Previous Social D albums were a bit more melodic and pop-influenced, but this is the album in which they took things old-school with awesome results.

8. Live Fast, Diarrhea, The Vandals
This is by far the Vandals' best album. The Orange County pop-punk veterans are at their best on tracks like "And Now We Dance," but the whole thing is totally worth the space it'll take up on your electronic gadget. Dookie, on the other hand, is not.

7. Love Songs For the Retarded, The Queers
Love Songs, the Queers' second full-length album, was released in April 1993, almost an entire year prior to Dookie. All that means to us is that somebody really screwed up, because this album should have had way more influence on the mainstream than the other one. "Fuck the World" was just way too edgy, we guess. Too bad -- the middle-school masses really missed out.

6. Hoss, Lagwagon
Come on! The album cover has the dude from Bonanza on it! You know this album is legit by that alone. Lagwagon never aimed for a large mainstream following, and as noble as that is, it's a bit of a shame, because they have put out some seriously fantastic albums Still, Hoss is the top dog, so seek it out and you won't be sorry.

5. Stranger Than Fiction, Bad Religion
The only Bad Religion album to be certified as gold, Stranger Than Fiction nevertheless deserved even more commercial success, given that "Infected" was splashed across MTV's airwaves at the same time when Dookie's "Longview" ruled the roost.

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None of these albums are better than Dookie. 


Seeing as this is a "pop-punk" list, that hardcore album by that Swedish hardcore band should be replaced with the Dwarves' "Are Young and Good Looking" and then the rest of the list should be deleted entirely.


This is just a list of other pop punk albums of the 90's...

Heard most of them, some are good (goldfinger, rancid, screeching weasel), but none are groundbreaking. None are better than Dookie, either. 

Chances are the author of this post appreciates Dookie more than she lets on...3/4 of this list have close ties to Green Day.


MadMac topcommenter

Thanks, on the tip-side, Ms. Leicht. There are so many of these I planned on adding to my iTunes list but so many more I forgot about. Yeah, old folks. This is too good to keep, I know what I'll be tweeting/facebooking when I'm off Uncle Sugar's dime. 


You said "we don't like Dookie, not even sort of." Who is this we? The other writers at the press?

I didn't see much of an argument as as to why you (plural) don't like. It's a bit narrow minded to dismiss an entire album because it doesn't fit your definition of punk. A lot of things don't agree with what other people want to label it.

Also, Bob wasn't on Punk in Drublic. It was on White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean. Poser.


@LoriMeyers I (or "we," I suppose) actually called them all punk-pop, not punk. And you're right. Wrong album on "Bob." We'll agree to disagree on the other stuff. ;)

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