Behold Shoegaze Stars Yuck: "We're a Band in Transition"

Ideally, Bloom would like to bridge those two gaps, and eventually build a professional home studio, "like [Wilco's Chicago studio] The Loft," he muses. "That's the holy grail of band recording!"

Bloom considers Glow a personal "creative burst of energy"; still, he admits feeling Blumberg's absence during the album's conception.

"In the past, I could be relatively lazy," he admits. "I could get away with writing a piece of music that didn't necessarily make sense, and just pass it off to Daniel. He would deal with it, write the lyrics, and make it a song. This time," he compares, "there was way more responsibility."

The departure of Blumberg served as an impetus for change for Yuck, on many levels. "We're a band in transition," Bloom acknowledges. "I think Daniel leaving has forced us to explore new ways of doing things. On a practical level," he continues, "We'd rather have the responsibilities shared throughout the band, as we do now."

Furthermore, Yuck has recruited a new member: guitarist Ed Hayes joins them on their current tour, which kicked off last month.

"Ed joined Yuck with the intention of just playing with us live," Bloom says. "But we've written songs together, and we take band photos feels like he's in the band.

"Ed has changed the band," he concludes, "and for the better."

Besides looking forward to warmer climates -- "Texas is a highlight of our tours," Bloom says -- his tour wishes are simple.

"I'm just looking forward to looking out the window of the van, honestly," he laughs. "I listen to music, read books, watch TV series."

He's particularly fond of Seinfeld and The Wire.

"Touring North America is interesting," Bloom adds, "because each state has its own culture. For someone who's grown up in the UK, it's always a sense of adventure."

But what he's most looking forward to might surprise you.

"Dunkin' Donuts, Waffle House, Denny's..." Bloom lists excitedly, his British accent especially thick.

"I'm really looking forward to all the horrible shit food America has that the UK doesn't. America has really good diners too," he exclaims. "The whole diner 'culture' is quite interesting to me, as we don't have those in the UK."

The fast-food fiends play Rudyard's this Thursday. If you're looking to make a real impression on the band, come equipped with a list of recommended local diners. Yuck will personally thank you.

Yuck plays Rudyard's Thursday, February 6 with Golden Cities and Empty Shells; doors open at 9 p.m. Note to the band: Rudz's burgers are delicious.


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