Behold Shoegaze Stars Yuck: "We're a Band in Transition"

Jon Bergman
Since their 2011 debut, London-based shoegazers Yuck have earned an esteemed spot among the in-the-know indie circuit. With an impressive self-titled debut under their belts, their momentum has been growing.

You'd think last year's departure of Yuck's front man and chief songwriter, Daniel Blumberg, would have hindered the band; however, his departure doesn't seem to have halted Yuck's progress in the slightest.

After Blumberg left to pursue new project Hebronix, guitarist Max Bloom picked up the slack, stepping up to the abruptly vacant spot of band leader. Late last year, Yuck released their sophomore album, Glow & Behold, as a trio.

For Bloom, the shift to front man has been relatively smooth. Besides, he's already used to such front man duties as giving interviews.

"I've always done most of the band's interviews, actually," he says during a recent phone call. "Daniel was never good with interviews, or the general talking thing."

Bloom chuckles, but he speaks truthfully and not vindictively of his former band mate.

"This transition was something I had time to prepare for," he explains. "But it's been difficult in the sense that I recorded Glow without ever having been a vocalist."

Vocally, Bloom cut his teeth during a stint of live shows. "The experience I gained from learning vocals in five quick gigs was insanely valuable," he reflects. "Way more valuable than any singing lesson."

Last year, Yuck supported rock vets The Pixies on tour, shows that were among Bloom's first as lead singer.

"I'm still learning to use my voice, but it's quickly become really fun," he admits. "The key thing I've learned is not to care when you're up on stage and everyone is looking at you -- to just enjoy the attention."

Yuck wasn't only sans their former front man as they prepped to record Glow; they also shifted their recording approach. Their debut album was recorded modestly, at Bloom's parents' house, and mixed on Garage Band; Glow, on the other hand, was recorded in a church-set studio in New York, by known producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Foals).

"When you're recording at home, you have certain limitations," Bloom recalls. "Like neighbors shouting at us to keep the noise down!"

"What I wanted to achieve on Glow was beyond what could be achieved recording at my parents' house."

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