Popping the Trunk on Houston Rap Tapes

Even with more than 40 interview subjects over nearly 300 pages, there are still a lot of worthy people's words that don't appear in Houston Rap Tapes. Walker conducted nearly three times that many interviews for the project, and there were still many more local rappers, DJs, promoters and pimps who rebuffed his repeated overtures. The book is about as comprehensive a document as we're likely to get on the subject, but there's a lot left to say on the subject.

Even with the release of Houston Rap Tapes, is it possible that we could read still more of the author's stockpile of tales in near future?

"It's not my final word yet," Walker says. "There's too much out there, and there are too many stories that didn't get to be told -- of people I was never able to track down, but I have access to them now because of the fact that the books have gotten so much notoriety. I think it would be a drag if this was my last word. I've definitely got more to say, but how it's going to actually manifest, we'll have to see."

Since Walker and Beste began their chronicle ten years ago, enough has changed in the Houston rap scene to fill its own book, with digital file-sharing and social media helping to spread the H-Town sound across the globe. With the local hustle shifting from CDs sold out of the trunk to downloadable mixtapes and DIY YouTube videos, Walker says it will interesting to see how local artists respond to new media and distribution.

"I don't know if Houston Pride kicks in and these people continue to build on the Houston sound, or if they strive to reach a more global audience and change up their sound. But with the attention that seems to be drawn to all this now, it seems like a good time to sound like you're from Houston."

Author Lance Scott Walker will be signing copies of Houston Rap Tapes today between 6-9 p.m. at Sig's Lagoon, 3622-E. Main St. DJ Good Grief of Waxaholics will supply the beats.


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Sig's Lagoon

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