Touché Amoré's Jeremy Bolm: "It's All Kind of Overwhelming"

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Touché Amoré has been one of the shining stars of the emo/post-hardcore revival that has taken place over the last few years. Their style sits comfortably alongside the genre's mainstream forerunners from the past decade like Thursday, but just as easily places them among heavier, more aggressive counterparts like Converge.

Sitting on that middle ground has led the the L.A. band to underground acclaim as well as crossover success. Their most recent record, Is Survived By, hit No. 85 on the Billboard 200, which is a pretty damn impressive showing for a band that credits little-known screamo acts like Ampere as inspirations.

"It's all kind of overwhelming," screamer, front man, and primary lyricist Jeremy Bolm says about the band's success. "When the band started, I never thought it would be anything outside of playing house shows, so to have a record come out to have such impact for people, it's pretty crazy."

That is where Touche Amore started, but the band has quickly evolved into something much bigger. They've upgraded from house shows to playing venues like House of Blues. Perhaps some of their success can be attributed to their lyrics, which Bolm writes with a stunning emotional honesty that truly resonates with fans.

When asked if the success would dull that, though, Bolm says that the band basically does what they want to do and hope people will like it, so he doesn't worry about any of that. It's certainly working because on top of the chart success, they're co-headlining a tour with mewithoutYou as we speak, one that hits Fitzgerald's tomorrow evening.

Is Survived By
On paper alone, it's an exciting tour. For Bolm, it's especially exciting to be touring with one of his favorite bands and influences.

"They're actually the reason that we recorded Is Survived By with [producer] Brad Wood, because he's responsible for [mewithoutYou's records] Catch for us the Foxes and Brother, Sister, and he mixed the two following that record," he says. "Those two records sound unbelievably perfect, and I think looking back that's what we were trying to go for with our sound."

In that way, musically Is Survived By had an easily charted path. However, lyrically, it had a painful birth.

"When I went in to write for the record, I had a very difficult time getting words down on paper that I was happy with, because I didn't want to write the same words as I had been writing before," Bolm admits. "I was in a much happier place in my life to where I didn't want to lie and fake tragedy for making a record that would feel like our other records. So, instead I wrote a song about that."

That became album stand-out "To Write Content."

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