The Tontons Hit Their Stride on New Make-Out King...

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Photo by Jim Bricker
The Tontons at Fitz last summer
Disappointing their fans is an unlikely outcome, though. The band has a reputation for stellar live performances, and their sound has developed a lot since their 2009 debut album while maintaining a unique and eclectic feel. Omar attributes the fine-tuning of Make Out King to being together during the recording process, the individual growth of each band member and the hard work (and good ear) of producer David Boyle.

"I was going to school in New York when we recorded our last album, so it wasn't as cohesive," she says. "Also our lives have become a lot more hectic, but in a good way. Traveling so much and meeting so many people gives us a much wider pool to draw from. There's a little bit of every experience we have had over the past few years in each song."

As the Tontons' stock continues to rise, the group hasn't forgotten where it's from or how this city has benefited them as musicians. Omar says that Houston keeps the band grounded.

"I think, more than anything, Houston gives you a strong backbone and a humility that most cities don't arm you with," Omar says. "Houston is very good at reminding you that you are never too big to get brought down. But that's good that we don't expect anything to be handed to us.

"We don't mind working hard," she adds. "In the long run, the music industry is made to take you in, reject you and spit you out. Having a tough skin is an asset."


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