The Tontons Hit Their Stride on New Make-Out King...

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Five years after their eponymous debut album put them on the musical map, the Tontons are back on tour in support of a brand-new record, one that showcases a group having truly hit its stride. It's atmospheric, comfortable, infectious and soulful.

The Houston-born quartet will perform at Warehouse Live this Saturday, touting Make Out King and Other Stories of Love, which has already received rave reviews from the likes of the Village Voice, Rolling Stone and Spin magazine.

But homecoming shows, as sweet as they may be, aren't any less intimidating than traveling dates. In fact, vocalist Asli Omar thinks they may even be more so.

"It's a bit more nerve-racking to to play shows in Houston," she says. "When you're on the road, the expectations from your shows aren't as high. You get in a kind of groove, and it's more about convincing people that they should listen to your music than convincing them that what you're doing is worthwhile."

Coming back home is another story for the Tontons, who are rounded out by guitarist Adam Martinez, drummer Justin Martinez and bassist Tom Nguyen, especially since so many longtime fans, friends and family members will be in attendance.

"Most of our friends and family try to make it out to the shows we play here, especially since we don't get the opportunity to play in Houston that often anymore," Omar says. "We are gone a lot, so it's always an excuse to catch up."

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Warehouse Live

813 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

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