The Pixies at Bayou Music Center, 2/27/2014

Paz Lenchantin
Touring bassist Paz Lenchantin is a solid addition to the group. Musically she's right in step with the rest of the band, but she brings an infectious happiness, for lack of a better word, to the proceedings. She radiates as if she's stumbled in to a dream gig.

It was a dense show, pushing somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 songs. The songs may have slowed down from time to time, but the energy from the band never seemed to drop. If anything, as the show neared its conclusion, it felt like it was the crowd that was running on empty. But hey, better a crowd exhausted from having a good time than one that's apathetic and chatty.

As a band gets older, the line between "being a band" and "being a nostalgia act" gets thinner and thinner. Some bands keep pumping out new releases as an excuse to go out on the road, and some put out new music because that's what musicians do. Some may argue that the Pixies need to hang it up, but it's hard to watch them in concert and think they've become the stereotypical "classic rock" act.

Is EP1 as strong as Doolittle? That's for you to decide. But if you're are or have ever been a fan of The Pixies, don't hesitate to give their show a shot. They're still very interested in "being a band," and they've got the energy to back it up.

Personal Bias: Although I did shell out the money to catch the Pixies on the Doolittle anniversary tour, this was really an excuse to go see Best Coast.

The Crowd: Skewed older, very loud when they knew the words, respectful when they didn't. A surprising number of leather jackets.

Overheard in the Crowd: "When did Kim Deal get so hot?"

Random Notebook Dump: My +1 (Happy Birthday!) and I spent part of the show being amused by the person next to us who clearly was on that Molly. Imagine every silly rave dance you've ever seen in the club, but done to Pixies songs. He almost cried when they lights started flashing different colors during one of the songs. Who would have guessed that a Pixies show would be the first time I saw someone who I absolutely knew was rolling?


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Bayou Music Center

520 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

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Should they hang it up or not. Do you have any integrity? Do you believe anything that you wrote or are you just trolling for page views. 


Well written review. Sorry I missed the show.

Jeff Key
Jeff Key

Don't tell Deiterman . . .

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