The Best Shows in Houston This Week: Touche Amore, Demi Lovato, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.

Photo by Barry Sigman
John Egan
The Big Easy, February 3

Solo bluesman John Egan sings in a tone that suggests someone is constantly walking over his grave, and his lyrics are loaded with bad mojo like nature gone haywire and apocalyptic visions. All he needs live is his National Resonator, one of those shiny silver guitars that sting and snarl, and has begun mastering the followup to 2012's spare and sinister Phantoms. Last month Egan advanced to the semifinals of the International Blues Challenge's solo competition for the second year in a row, vying with bluesmen and women all over the planet. CHRIS GRAY

Touche Amore
Fitzgerald's, February 18

One of the best post-hardcore bands to come out in years, and one of the most energetic bands out there today, L.A.'s Touche Amore perfectly employs the classic sounds of "emo" (before it turned into pop-punk) and hardcore to make incredible two-minute bursts of lightning in musical form. Their live shows feature groups of hundreds of kids chanting every single word, the band going nuts, and abundant crowd-surfing and stage-diving.

In other words, Touche Amore in 2014 is everything that was great about live punk shows in the '80s. They were one of the highlights of last year's Free Press Summer Fest, and make a most welcome return to Houston Tuesday. With mewithoutYou, Seahaven and Drug Church. COREY DEITERMAN

Demi Lovato
Toyota Center, February 19

Demi Lovato is a success story in the world of troubled teen idols, conquering not only a well-publicized struggle with an eating disorder, but substance-abuse issues as well. She's quite healthy these days, and her music has grown past her Disney roots to reflect her maturation from troubled adolescent to endearing young adult.

Sure, it's still bubbly pop music, but humble and honest songs like "How to Fix a Heart" infuse that kid-friendly sound with a little more oomph and a lot more emotion than the average jaded ex-starlet. With Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. ANGELICA LEICHT

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