The Best Concerts in Houston This Weekend: Eagles, Omotai, Nikki Hill, G-Eazy, etc.

Photo by Marco Torres
The Eagles at the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival
The Eagles
Toyota Center, February 21

Arguably the most successful American rock band of all time, the Eagles have lost little of their drawing power for only having released one all-original album since 1980. Of course that one, 2007's The Long Hard Road Out of Eden, sold some 7 million copies domestically, forever proving that Don Henley, Glenn Frey, the always scene-stealing Joe Walsh and their sometimes-squabbing bandmates can do whatever the hell they please at this point.

As dissected in filmmaker Alison Ellwood's excellent two-part 2013 documentary History of the Eagles, the band has exerted an overwhelming influence not only on the past two or three generations of rock and country music, but also on a certain lifestyle that prizes a peaceful, easy feeling above all else. CHRIS GRAY

Fitzgerald's, February 21

Houston sludge monsters Omotai have evolved into one of the city's most creative metal units, without sacrificing any of that devil-horns swagger that exalts in the visceral joys of rocking people's faces off. It seems to be working; earlier this month Decibel magazine showcased the group's track "Throats of Snakes" on its Web site.

After sealing their arrival on 2012's stunning Terrestrial Grief, Omotai's latest full-length offering is this month's Fresh Hell EP (Treaty Oak Collective), which folds jagged slivers of prog, grindcore and thrash into seven intimidating slabs of artful guitar noise. With Lions of Tsavo, Baring Teeth and Turbokrieg. CHRIS GRAY

Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Chris Knight
House of Blues, February 21

This double bill is for everyone who thinks country music has had its soul sucked out by songwriting committees and too many pop production gimmicks. Jason Boland and his Oklahoma-based Stragglers are a little less party-minded than many of their Red Dirt peers, and so much the better for it; last year's Dark and Dirty Mile is a little dour in spots, but also full of sturdily built songs squarely facing down real-life situations.

Most recently on 2013's Little Victories, Kentucky-born Chris Knight has been celebrating rebels, rulebreakers and other enlightened rogues in song for the better part of two decades, with rough-hewn songs and articulate lyrics that place him a cut above the usual alt-country rabble. CHRIS GRAY

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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

Category: Music

House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music


2706 White Oak, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Continental Club

3700 Main, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Warehouse Live

813 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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