Pixies Gouge Away Through Recent Lineup Turmoil

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Several words come to mind when pondering the Pixies, among them "pioneering," "innovative" and "influential." Lately, it's safe to add "resilient" when discussing the veteran rockers.

Since their 1986 inception, the Boston-born band -- front man Black Francis, guitarist Joey Santiago, drummer David Lovering and beloved bassist Kim Deal -- have been an integral part of the modern alt-rock mold. Last year, however, the Pixies experienced a potentially fatal blow when Deal announced her sudden departure after 25-plus years.

Despite the setback, the Pixies endured, regrouping with the help of touring bassists. Tickets to many shows on their current worldwide tour, which stops at Bayou Music Center on Thursday, have sold out within minutes.

Where many other bands' reunion attempts have fizzled, the Pixies seem to have cooked up a successful recipe for staying power. Santiago thinks the band's 2004 reunion (after breaking up in 1992) has remained successful purely due to the length of time they'd stayed off the map.

"We simply hadn't been around," he says during a recent phone call. "And we broke up at the height of our career -- which was a blessing in disguise -- because in the years following, people started appreciating us.

"It didn't hurt to be mentioned by Kurt Cobain [as a major influence] or to have our music played in Fight Club," he adds.

According to Santiago, the band members matured by light-years during their time off the radar.

"We used to party back then...a lot," he laughs. Nowadays, he says the Pixies favor more conscientious priorities, like nurturing their growing families and living healthy lifestyles. Now married with two children, Santaigo is an avid cyclist who tries to maintain his healthy routine while on the road.

"I'm more health-conscious now," he says. "Charles has been obsessed with Bikram yoga."

Santiago is referring to Charles Thompson, the Pixies front man more commonly known by his stage name, Black Francis.

Something has provided the lasting glue that keeps the Pixies intact, though it's evidently not spending quality time together.

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Eric Weathers
Eric Weathers

One of the first to engage in the festival circuit reunion trend. Loved seeing them at ACL, even if that enjoyment was fueled by alcohol and the sense of experiencing something unique rather than if the show was actually any good (I'm honestly not really sure). Now after a decade which exhausted every reunion possible, and the loss of Kim deal, who really cares?

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