Vote or Die: The Last VJ's Top Five Videos of the Week

Welcome back to The Last VJ, music fans! This week we cover a pretty wide gamut this week, everything from creepy dollhouses to a variety of ways to describe getting your period at the beach. Plus, there's some God Module because everything is better with God Module.

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George West, "You Know"
It's always nice when the local boys take home the prize, and that's just what George West last week with the enigmatic Mexican odyssey "You Know." The word from Vik Montemayor is that he is now back in the saddle drumming for Bang Bangz after a long, still-unexplained hiatus. I certainly hope that doesn't mean the end to so promising a side project as George West, because it's arguably the better work musically and inarguably the better work visually. We'll have to see.

Twintapes, "Fast Forward"
"Fast Forward" is a really inventive little video when you look at it. On the surface it's little more than a collection of stop-motion camera tricks by director Michael McQuilken. He follows the stuttering existence of a young couple (Jon Morris and Ayesha Jordan) as they move into a new apartment, live, love, fight, and make up, all played with stop-motion and altered speed.

It's cool-looking, but is not otherwise exceptional until you begin to spot intricate little details that add a new level to the craft. Singer Pavel Rivera serenades the affair as a face on a laptop, and it's with a strange since of modesty that you notice him leaving the scene as the couple progress to more intimate moments. Just as the static room shot begins to turn stale, McQuilken switches to a new dinner scene where the couple's reflection is just slightly out of sync with the foreground action. In addition to just being a plain fun song on its own there's enough going on visually make "Fast Forward" a work of small genius.

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God Module, "Destroy the Day"
I never put lyric videos in the list because even though I do enjoy them, they are not exactly artistic triumphs. I've broken that rule here for two reasons. First, God Module is an ass-destroying angel of vengeance and I never get to talk about them.

Second, Sean Waters really went above and beyond the call of duty here. The production includes shots of the topless, animal-headed model that forms a lot of the look of the new record, False Face, expansive special effects, exterior landscapes; hell, I see narrative videos that aren't this elaborate. So take a bow, guys, because you broke the lyric-video mold.

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