Superchunk at Fitzgerald's, 2/7/2014

McCaughan and guitarist Jim Wilbur tuned their guitars after every single song, a clear illustration of how frenetically they play their instruments.

"We tune because we love," McCaughan joked.

As the set progressed, the crowd thickened as energy levels remained high among both fans and band. McCaughan was relentless in his stage energy, his once-crisp button-down shirt now sodden with sweat.

"About five songs ago," he said, midway through the set, "I started thinking, 'Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that queso!'"

But McCaughan and his full belly endured, unfazed. Majesty Shredding song "Digging For Something" closed the first set; the band quickly returned to the stage for a four-song encore that included their common cover of Magnetic Fields' "100,000 Fireflies," and Superchunk's most lauded single, "Slack Motherfucker" from the band's 1990 debut. "Throwing Things" ultimately closed the set, as fans sang along to every word.

McCaughan didn't take his devoted crowd for granted, sounding genuine -- sentimental, even -- as he thanked fans before leaving the stage. "Thanks for making 1991 memorable," he said, "and thanks for making tonight memorable, too."

For Superchunk fans, the feeling was clearly mutual.

Personal Bias: I'm not necessarily a Superchunk superfan, so the crowd really made this show for me; seeing such genuine appreciation makes me, in turn, appreciate artists much more.

The Crowd:: As if you couldn't already tell - longtime Superchunk fans. And as far as show crowds go, a really respectful and spirited bunch.

Overheard In the Crowd "The 40-year-old crowd is having a field day!"

Random Notebook Dump:: Let us revisit Superchunk's "Watery Hands" video featuring Janeane Garofalo and David Cross, just because:

Out of the Sun
Learned to Surf
The Majestic
Cast Iron
Detroit Has a Skyline
Low F
Watery Hands
1000 Pounds
Punch Me Harder
Driveway to Driveway
The First Part
Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
Digging For Something

Crossed Wires
100,000 Fireflies (Magnetic Fields cover)
Slack Motherfucker
Throwing Things


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