Five American Anthems Sung In Other Languages

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This past Sunday, we witnessed what was either a charming portrayal of the broad multicultural landscape that is America, or the most shocking betrayal of American values by an American cultural icon that we've ever witnessed. Of course, I'm talking about Coca-Cola's commercial during the Super Bowl that featured "America the Beautiful" being sung in multiple different languages.

Immediately following the premiere, the Internet exploded with tweets and Facebook posts and blogs by outraged conservatives who felt that Coke had betrayed them by singing that song in anything other than good old American English.

While I don't want my conservative friends' blood pressures to spike any more than they already have, I decided to respond by immediately going to YouTube and finding as many quintessentially American songs sung in languages other than English as I could because, well, I'm a troll of the highest caliber. Here are the five best that I found.

Wyclef Jean, Olga Tanon & Carlos Ponce, "Nuestro Himno (Star Spangled Banner)"
Oh yeah, you know that other American anthem? The one they sing before the Super Bowl every year? Yeah, they got to that one too. Here, former Fugee Wyclef Jean, Olga Tanon and Carlos Ponce perform a rousing rendition of America's National Anthem in Spanish.

Sones de Mexico Ensemble, "Esta Tierra Es Tuya (This Land Is Your Land)"
The Woody Guthrie classic sung in Spanish by a Mexican band? Say it isn't so! Somehow, though, I think Woody would have been proud to hear this one, even if Rush Limbaugh isn't. Actually, if he knew who Limbaugh was, he'd probably just be glad that Rush was pissed off.

Raysa Michelle, "America the Beautiful"
Don't tell anyone, but singer Raysa Michelle beat Coke to the punch by singing "America the Beautiful" in Spanish for this film by US of Autism.

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Daniel Rodríguez Daál
Daniel Rodríguez Daál

Don't you dare have any of this songs in a Native American language.... that would be the ultimate betrayal


When did Beyonce's Irreplacable become an American Anthem? Is this what kids are singing in school now instead of "This Land is Our Land" ? and I'm trying to remember the last time I heard it before the Rockets game or during the Seventh inning of an Astros game. But I guess you made your point that any song can be over dubbed with any language you choose. 

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