Dr. Dog at Warehouse Live, 2/20/2014

Save for 2005's Easy Beat, every single LP was represented throughout the evening, even including 2002 debut Toothbrush with a psychedelic take on the rarely-played "Say Ahhh." We All Belong was also touched on with "Ain't It Strange," one of their best-written love songs that includes some deliciously satisfying drum breakdowns easily executed by former Adrien Belew drummer, and monster semi-recent addition to the band, Eric Slick.

It was the songs that you don't expect to do it for you, like "Heavy Light" from Be The Void, that were the night's real burners. The breakdown and build-up in the middle could easily equate to some of your best DJs' spinning these days. At the same time, as was best exemplified by the new track "Too Weak to Ramble," they could easily be the next Grateful Dead. One of the newer guys to the band, multi-instrumentalist Dimitri Manos, was even rocking his best Steal Your Face shirt throughout the set.

But it wasn't just the songs that brought about the aforementioned revival. A whole new clan of Dr. Dog fans were bred last night, which was evident by the amount of braces in the front row that remained until the bitter end, which was much closer to the witching hour than most of their parents anxiously waiting in their cars had bargained for. That was the revival. The reawakening was the band's decision to dive into their past while exploring their future. The new with the old. The gentrification of Dr. Dog.

It was a well needed jump backwards to make everything sound that much better in the forward. I think this tour might be the one to see them on if you're going to make it out to any. Their new record has aged just enough for them to sound comfortable with the new songs live, which was evident during last night's performance. But it's also aged just enough for them to explore their past as well. With a perfect mix of both, this performance was one for the ages.

Personal Bias: I think you can tell my stance.

Overheard In the Crowd "I feel like Busta Rhymes when he cut his hair."

The Crowd: The young, spry ones remained at the front bouncing around to "The Rabbit, the Bat and the Reindeer" and Architecture In Helsinki cover "Heart It Races," while us older folks bobbed our heads towards the back during slower jams like "The Beach" and "Jackie Wants a Black Eye."

Random Notebook Dump: Why do people like to crowd-surf? Is there some kind of bungee-jumping, skydiving, roller-coaster type of high you get from it? Or are said surfers just starved for attention? Not sure, but it's annoying.


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Warehouse Live

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