The Rocks Off 200: Catch Fever Is Catching On

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Photo by Juan Correa Photography/Courtesy of Catch Fever
It's always a good sign to meet a musician who is so excited about his band that he has trouble refraining from using exclamation marks when talking about them. And so we would like for you readers to meet Catch Fever, an up-and-coming local trio whose tuneful and uplifting songs are not dissimilar to UK post-post-punk groups like Glasvegas or The Joy Formidable. If you like what you hear at their show Friday night at Warehouse Live, you can take it home with you in the form of their brand-new album Shiny Eyes.

Catch Fever's spokesman is singer Taylor Huffman, a Houston native who recently re-started the trio with former bandmates Douglas Andreano and Josh Wilson upon returning from a couple of years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As a youngster carrying around a Casio keyboard, Huffman says his inspirations were the Karate Kid movies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; ten years later it was the girls.

"What a great decision that was!" he says, not sheepishly at all. "I mean, they didn't flock to me right away, but I knew they would eventually."

Home Base: Huffman says thus far Catch Fever's favorite venues to play have been Fitzgerald's and Warehouse Live. Otherwise they enjoy kicking back at Agora or Big Star Bar.

Good War Story: "Like most dudes, I've experienced a number of interesting nights playing in bands," Huffman says. "I'll just leave you with a few snippets and let you piece together the rest..."

  • "Man...I think Doug is gonna die..."
  • "This is bullshit! That's our gear onstage! They can't shut this show down and steal our gear!"
  • "Yes! All-black strip club!"

Why Do You Stay In Houston? "Man, Houston has been great to us, both in terms of support and in terms of helping us to grow as musicians," says Huffman. "I like to think that Houston's vast diversity has played a major role in shaping Catch Fever's music."

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