My Friend Is a Real Hothead. Help!

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Dear Willie D

I have a friend who cannot go anywhere without picking a fight. He is a classic hothead. The last time we were out at a bar, we got jumped by a group of guys because one of the guys with the other party paid a compliment to his girlfriend. I don't think the guy was trying to be disrespectful. She certainly didn't think so, or else she wouldn't have thanked him. It was five of them against three of us.

We held our own, but our other friend ended up with a broken nose. I can understand not letting people push you around, but at what point does standing up for your manhood become a problem, and how do I deal with my friend's aggressive nature?

Hothead's Friend:

Standing up for your manhood becomes a problem when you start a fight but your friend ends up with a broken nose. You deal with your friend's aggressive nature by distancing yourself. Dude has confidence issues so he overcompensates by bullying and intimidation.

Don't take for granted that someone who has a problem with your friend won't kill you. I know of numerous instances where the innocent-bystander friend got killed, and the friend who initiated the confrontation walked away unscathed. If he continues to act a fool, your friend will probably get killed. Your only obligation as a friend is to warn him and go to the funeral. That's what friends are for.


Dear Willie D:

I'm caught between my first love and my present love. My present love's sex isn't anything like my first. My first turns me on like no one else. On the other hand, my present love gives me the world -- it's because of his medical conditions he can't perform like my first love who took my virginity.

I love my present love deeply. I don't want to hurt him by cheating because he's a very good person. But twice a month I have to call my first love. What must I do?

Two Lovers:

You're sneaking around hooking up with your ex-boyfriend on the side. That pretty much voids the whole don't-want-to-hurt-him-by-cheating thing. This is a loaded question, but you have to decide what's more important: having someone who is great in bed but is otherwise unavailable, or being with someone who is average sexually and gives you the world? The right answer to that question should have come in the time it took you to read it.

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