All Dogs Go to Heaven. The Boneyard Is a Close Second.

Photos by Angelica Leicht
"Man, just let him...his humping isn't hurting anybody."

Some pretty epic humping is going on while we sip an Abita Grapefruit IPA. What started off as a twosome now involves four or five participants rolling around the dirt in a dog pile. Literally.

Those risque entanglements are not unusual here, though. The Boneyard Drinkery is Houston's only dog-park bar meant to house such promiscuous activity. (Among the dogs, anyway.) Scattered around picnic benches in the backyard area, the owners are much better behaved.

Evenly split between men and women, we're all dressed as if we were taking our pets out for a day at the park rather than a night on the town. The Boneyard is all about the dogs; the beer and socialization is just an added bonus for their human companions.

When we first approached the establishment, its differences from the bass-pumping clubs lining this part of the street were already obvious. From the metal industrial building that houses the bar area to the double-fenced dog park out back, the Boneyard is downright casual for a Washington Corridor bar. But a dressed-down attitude is essential when the majority of your patrons wear fur coats 24-7 and regularly sniff out poles to mark.

Right now almost as many dogs as people are in the wide expanse out back, but somehow everything is running smoothly. Even as some dogs stake their territory, others are jumping on tables, rollicking in the grass, and covertly attempting to sneak out of the gates every time a new person enters. It feels a little like what we imagine the set of 101 Dalmations would, down to how each owner resembles his or dog just a bit.

There are no waitresses or valets at at the Boneyard. In a sea of bars with VIP areas and cover charges, the only bottle service you'll find here comes in the form of a Shiner. In order to even acquire one, you must be adept enough to make your way out of the dual gates and into the sparse digs of the metal building, where you'll find the beer options written on the wall in chalk.

We've struggled with that task a number of times, as the gates meant to outsmart the Boneyard's canine patrons are also outsmarting us. Once we found ourselves stuck, accidentally letting a sea of dogs into the area between the first and second gates. Luckily, the other human patrons are accustomed to their dogs' ninja-like antics, so we were the only ones panicking.

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Boneyard Drinkery - CLOSED

8150 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

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