The Best YouTube Videos, as Rated By a Six-Year-Old

Note: In his weekly column, Houston's award-winning writer and goofball Shea Serrano, recent co-author of Bun B's Rapper Coloring and Activity Book, writes about his life and times.

Image by Waiting For the Words/Illustration by Shea
Late last month Houston was properly pummeled by Meltankos (Norse God of Ice, obviously). A nasty frost forced the closure of the city's schools and many of its businesses on January 24, a day when the roads were so treacherous and unforgiving that even despite limited traffic, there were more than 500 accidents.

But the front moved in and out quickly. That evening, it was already safe to move around again. By Sunday, it was downright pleasant, the schools were fully operational again the next Monday. At least they were until one of my six-year-old sons called God.

That evening after school, word began floating around that another blast was heading our way, one that was likely to handicap everything and everyone again. So we waited for the district to announce that it was going to close again, and we did so fully expecting to have to wait until 5 a.m. the morning of to finally hear, which is how it happened on Friday.

At dinner time, I asked Bay, one of my twin sons, if he wanted to miss school again. He was like, "UM, FUCK YEAH I DO, DADDY."

So I said, "You're cool with God, right?"

He said, "Yes, I am very cool with God." Since the very first day that my wife took our kids to church, Bay has seemed more instinctively in tune with religion than basically anyone I've ever met.

I said, "Okay, good, me too. So why don't you call your homie God tonight when you go to sleep and ask him to push his thumb on Houston and shut it down?" He said, "Sure, daddy," and he said it like he knew he could. I smiled.

At exactly 9:37 p.m., one hour and 37 minutes after we'd sent the boys off to bed, the phone rang. I picked it up. It was an automated message from the school district letting me know that schools were closed the next day and blah blah blah. I quietly celebrated by doing Ginuwine body rolls in the front room while my wife sat on the couch looking at me. And then there was creepiness.

I heard teeny-tiny footsteps coming down the stairs. This was maybe one minute after I got off the phone, which Bay couldn't possibly have heard ring because it was on vibrate.

It was Bay. "Daddy," he said. "I called God. He said he'll make sure we don't have school." WHAT THE FUCK, BRO??? WHAT EVEN???

I can tell by the fact that you are still reading this that your eyes did not explode out of your skull, which means you're not as blown away by this as you should be. But, I mean, how do you explain it? It was a true life miracle.

Bay asked if since there was no school they could come back downstairs and stay up for a little bit and watch TV and I said yes because fuck you if you think I'm going to pickle God's favorite six-year-old. We ended up watching videos on YouTube because we always end up watching videos on YouTube. Here's what they picked:

"Happy," Pharrell
The boys have liked a lot of songs, but this is maybe the best that they've ever chosen (second place: when they were three and ended up falling for SPM's "Screens Falling," mostly because they thought the chorus was "cheeeeeeeeeese falllllllling from the sky").

"Gummy Bear Song"
This shit right here:

That's what it feels like.

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