Hard Feelings Mount Between Rival Houston Rap Stations

Photo by Marco Torres
Trae Tha Truth
A growing nastiness is brewing between Houston's longstanding rap-radio standard-bearer, KBXX 97.9 The Box, and the recently reformatted KKRW 93.7 The Beat. However, much of the venom has come from the side of the new station.

The latest salvo in Houston's brand-new radio war came early Tuesday morning, barely a week after 93.7 switched formats. Trae Tha Truth, Houston's own outlaw and the human equivalent of an otherworldly being with the ability to walk through fire, brimstone and his 2009 banishment by The Box and come out rather clean -- had a song of his on the radio.

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"Hold Up," a brutish piece of bravado punctuated by braggadocio from not only Trae's gravelly voice but Diddy, Grand Hustle capo T.I. and Young Jeezy, became the first song of his in more than five years to crack Houston's radio airwaves. It was the lead single from his I Am King mixtape, a project Rocks Off selected as one of the ten best rap releases of 2013.

Trae's "ban" from The Box has been discussed at length. Its origins stem from comments the rapper made about a then-local radio personality in the wake of her critique of his music following a 2009 shooting at his Trae Day event at Texas Southern University. It was of course idiotic and silly, and sent his career to a peculiar crossroads of sorts, but the end result saw Trae craft some of the best music of his career while in exile.

Now he can assert a small victory in the face of the feud, thanks in large part to the brand-new station that also has a gripe with The Box.

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Zac Elizondo
Zac Elizondo

I really haven't listened to 97.9 in years. Listened to 93.7 because I thought it was still the arrow classic rock. It's ok.... Not a big fan of the drake songs they play. Wish there was a old school rap/hip hop station. Guess that's why I have satellite radio or iheart.


I'm glad to hear Trae on the radio again. I like 97.9, but banning Trae even after that "personality" left Houston for Los Angeles is bullshit. 

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