Three Little Birds: Songs for New Families and a New Year

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In 2013, some friends of ours shared with us the good news they'd be having their first child. They are excellent people, so we were very happy for them and the kid they'd soon welcome.

I've been a dad nearly half my life now (yikes), but the only bit of wisdom I shared with them was to listen to all the advice being offered by we who have already been in your shoes and then do as you see fit. It's your experience, so own it.

Having said that, here's one more recommendation -- let your child hear music. Science says your embryonic progeny will benefit from hearing music inside the womb. There are cool, new devices like Bellybuds, which are earbuds for you and your unborn fetus to share. Affix them to your stretched, cocoa-buttered belly and your uterus becomes your happy child's personal jukebox.

But,...only if you choose the right songs. Here are nine, one for each month, that could make a difference for the whole, growing family. Congrats again, Gigi and Jr. and baby Sophia! And best wishes to everyone else out there expecting a special delivery in 2014.


"Three Little Birds," Bob Marley & The Wailers
Newly expectant parents benefit from this track and bond with their bun in the oven by all being reassured by the sage Bob Marley to not worry about a thing. Even though it's all very new and possibly a little scary, you'll all have help along the way. Just trust that every little thing is gonna be alright.

"All I Really Want to Do," Bob Dylan
Now that the doctor has confirmed what the E.P.T. stick suggested, new moms and dads might question why they decided to do any of this at all. In the end, the best answers are to grow a loving family and literally make a new friend.

As I remind many soon-to-be or would-be parents, you are having a baby -- but only for a few years. What you're really having is a person. Dylan reminds us all to not compete, beat, cheat, mistreat, analyze, categorize or advertise our kids, who will one day grow into our most trusted confidantes.

"Bathtime In Clerkenwell," The Real Tuesday Weld
If your unborn child had his or her own internal iPod, this is what the only song in the playlist would sound like -- watery, bubbly and fun.

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