The Top 10 Bars Where Your Dog Will Be Welcome, Too

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7. Cottonwood
This Garden Oaks bar is always full of dog lovers and their other halves; there are dogs, dogs, and more dogs at Cottonwood, and that's a good thing. It means you'll be free to bring along good ol' Spot without anyone side-eying you for it. The huge outdoor area has a bit of a summer camp feel, complete with a mess hall and picnic area, but trust us. You won't feel that way about the food, cause it's amazing. Also, the adult drinks? They're also fantastic. So drag your dog and let him socialize, while you do the same.

3422 N Shepherd, 713-802-0410,


6. Winston's on Washington
Washington may be a bit bro-heavy in parts, but it's also a bit dog-heavy thanks to Winston's, which makes it all the better. Winston's even sports a bulldog on their bar banner in honor of their dog-friendly status, which we find to be the cutest thing ever. They're even dog-friendly at brunch, when you can drink away last night while your dog begs snacks off of the people surrounding you. He deserves them, though, for putting up with his crazy human owner. And who can say no to those pitiful puppy eyes?

5111 Washington,


5. J Black's Feel Good Lounge
Sometimes even dogs wanna get a lil fancy, and they can do so with their owner in tow at J Black's. It's a fun place, that J Black's, full of rowdy, pretty people, and your dog won't mind the chaos. He's a dog! He lives for excitement. And you live for beer, so it works out well for the both of you when you take him with you to this Washington corridor bar.

110 S Heights, 713-862-7818,

Location Info


Celtic Gardens

2300 Louisiana St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

Front Porch Pub

217 W. Gray, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Natachee's Supper 'n Punch

3622 Main St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


3422 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Winston's On Washington

5111 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Music

J. Black's Feel Good Lounge

110 S. Heights Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: Music

Komodo's Pub

2004 Baldwin, Houston, TX

Category: Music

West Alabama Ice House

1919 W. Alabama, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Saint Dane's Bar & Grille

502 Elgin, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Boneyard Drinkery - CLOSED

8150 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Music

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texmex01 topcommenter

I was going to laugh if Boneyard was not #1.....


PJs Sports Bar, most afternoons and especially football Sundays.

Wayward Shepherd
Wayward Shepherd

Last time I was at Star Pizza, someone had their dog on the patio despite the signs and the dog peed on the ground. There was no way to avoid it so many people walked through it and tracked into the restaurant.

Wayward Shepherd
Wayward Shepherd

Dogs shouldn't be allowed where people are eating. No one wants to drink dog pee or eat dog poop.


@texmex01  If you want to stand around with about 15 people while your dog runs through poop filled mulch then this is your spot.  And don't bring anatomically correct dogs....those are not allowed.  This place is fun!!


So Sam the dogs are on the tables hiking their legs or squatting?  How does it feel to be lacking in brain cells?

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