Soul Screamer Barrence Whitfield Will Make You "Bleed From the Eyeballs"

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"I already knew who Oscar Levant was, so when the song was brought to me, I knew what I was getting into! And once you learn who he is, you see how fascinating he was and what a nut he was," he offers.

As for Moses, Whitefield calls him an "obscure and underappreciated" '60s soul singer from Georgia.

"We stuck to our guns with this album, though. Pete and his buddy Mike Mooney wrote some great stuff, and Phil wrote a couple as well," he continues. "And it reflects all our experiences and love for the music we listen to. We like a lot of eclectic stuff, and it's what we stand for as a band."

And while Whitfield had a stint studying -- of all things -- journalism while in college at Boston University and Emerson College, he abandoned a life as an ink-stained wretch in favor of music. "Music is what I loved," he reflects. "And I didn't want to become a 'what if?'"

After the current tour, Barrence and the boys will return to Texas for gigs at SXSW in March, then tour the UK in May, then start work on their next record. But while on the road, he's not likely to get paid like onetime tour mate and rock and roll co-founder Bo Diddley did.

"We were playing a festival in France, and he used my band to back him up," he explains. "So I'm waiting in a room with Mojo Nixon and Bo comes in, and he's getting paid. The French promoter is carefully counting the money in American dollar bills, hands it to Bo, and then Bo recounts it.

"Then, he stuffs this wad of cash in his back pocket, looks at us, pulls out his guitar, plays a bit of the 'Bo Diddley beat,' and walked out! Now that was memorable!"

Barrence Whitfield and the Savages play 8 p.m. tomorrow night at Under the Volcano, 2349 Bissonnet.


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Under The Volcano

2349 Bissonnet, Houston, TX

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