Six Other Crazy Places Metallica Should Play Now

2013 was a big year for Metallica, featuring performances in IMAX 3D and in Antarctica of all places. Let's face it, there's not a whole let left for the biggest rock band in the world to accomplish. I mean, when you're forced to start playing in Antarctica just to do something new, you've really hit the glass ceiling.

With that in mind, I decided to sit down and figure out some new heights for Metallica to reach. They can't have really done it all, can they? And sure, some of the things I came up with are essentially impossible, but where there's a will and the multimillion-dollar business that is today's Metallica behind it, anything can happen.

The Moon
Let's just start big. Yeah, I'm saying Metallica should play on the damn moon. I feel like the spacesuits necessary to survive on the surface would be too cumbersome to allow for playing instruments in, but surely something could be worked out here. It's a big project, but hey, it would be a hell of a publicity stunt. Plus, where else is left on the Earth's surface to play?

Under the Sea
There may not be very many places on the surface of the Earth to play, but there's still the seedy underbelly of the Earth: the deep blue sea. Obviously it would be impossible to play music on the sea floor, even with scuba suits and such, which is why they need an underwater base of some sort in which to play. I'm imagining something like Sealab 2021's deep-sea base seen above, except with Metallica playing in it.

The White House
Is Obama a metal fan? Doesn't matter. Let's make this happen. If I could legitimately see any metal band being invited to the White House, it would have to be Metallica. Their music may be subversive, but since Jay Z and Common have both performed there since Obama got elected, I really don't think it's too out there to imagine their getting the nod.

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