The Rocks Off 200: DJ Good Grief Knows How to Have Fun

photo by Marco Torres
DJ Good Grief spinning at the Crown Royal Black Mansion Party with Big Boi of OutKast, June 2011.


This local vinyl junkie is known as DJ Good Grief. He has been involved in mixing & producing live music since around 11 years of age. He is M\mostly known for catering to Houston's hip-hop audience and DJing behind local celebrity and upcoming rap artists. "I dabble in all styles of music and perform my mixes for very assorted ears" he proclaims. "I have fun!"

Home Base:

Good Grief can be found throwing down in almost every corner of Houston's inner loop. From the newly renovated The Flat in Montrose, the Southwest's notorious Carrington's, Social Junkie on Washington Avenue, to working with his Waxaholics partners DJing all vinyl mixes at Midtown's Double Cross Lounge.


Why do you stay in Houston?:

"I never get lost on any side of town" says Grief. "I have probably met 40% of the city's population and we have all gotten along so far".

War Story:

Grief recalls a trip to Europe:

Flew all the way to Paris, France to DJ a set. All of the sound went out 30 minutes into my mix. The crowd started beating on the stage! I thought they were mad and were planning on tearing me apart, but they ended up making the beating into an actual beat, so we got into a French freestyle session.

Music Scene Pet Peeve:

"Organization! Sometimes I feel like we lack a 'scene'. I want a scene. I need a scene! I am currently trying to support and instigate a scene."

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