Neko Case at House of Blues, 1/26/2014

A set of that length, 90 minutes including encore, really only needs one or two time-stopping moments like that. Not too many singers can quiet a room to an absolute whisper by going a cappella the way she can, especially House of Blues. But the distilled heartache of "I Wish I Was the Moon" is so pure that it's hard to think about anything else.

To make up (somewhat) for being away for so long, Case even gave us a bonus encore, "Star Witness." While the evening l the way at the back of the hall by the bathrooms, a solitary couple danced all the way at the back of the hall by the restrooms. Even from halfway across the room, it was obvious they oblivious to anything in the world beside themselves, and her.

So, How Was the Opener: Thao & the Get Down Stay Down offered more to recommend the Washington, D.C. band than just that impossible-to-forget name. Their bubbly, electro-laced indie-pop is sometimes too quirky by half but not without its charms, hinting at country and doo-wop in appealing ways while remaining thoroughly modern. Good stuff.

Personal Bias: My cat's name is Neko. Long story as to how that came about, but Ms. Case is the reason it's spelled the way it is.

The Crowd: NPR-ish couples. Lots of black-frame eyeglasses. Judging by their hair, a few people who had possibly just rolled out of bed.

Overheard In the Crowd: "I would wear the hell out of those pants" -- Suffers lead singer Kam Franklin, who happened to be our tablemate.

Random Notebook Dump: Wonder if we'll get another New Pornographers record anytime soon.


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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Ya Bro Roo
Ya Bro Roo

Been a quiet fan for a bit, so glad to witness such a great performance last night.


It was a great show!  So many wonderful moments.  I saw her when she came through Houston in 2009, and last night's show was much more memorable.  I was surprised by the fact that House of Blues put folding chairs on the floor in front of the stage and sold them as reserved seats.  Normally that's where the general admission crowd stands and dances and contributes to the energy of the experience.  Maybe HOB management thought that a Neko Case crowd would be more inclined to sit and absorb the performance ... but I think there were a lot of us who would loved to have been standing (and dancing) down there.  Regardless, I hope she'll appear in Houston more often.  That voice!  And those skeleton pants!

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