Murder City Devils at Fitzgerald's, 1/3/2014

Cheers of recognition went up every time the band began a new song. At this point in their career, the Murder City Devils are not attracting a heck of a lot of neophytes. Their crowd consists of dedicated, longtime fans, and there were enough of them on Friday to turn Fitz into an uncomfortable sweatbox as the group churned out its signature brand of chugging, mid-tempo garage-punk.

I found myself wishing more than once that the swelling music would explode or at least boil over a bit, but MCD was careful to keep its witchy brew on a low simmer all night. Steamier that way.

The biggest cheers of the night came for the capstone, "Broken Glass." As late-
'90s garage tributes to Iggy Pop go, it's a good one, I guess. The Murder City Devils never really approached the danger of even late-period Iggy, but that wasn't what the audience was after on Friday, anyway. Fans came to hear the band's tightly focused energy channeled through that oscillating synth-organ and Moody's microphone.

They generated enough heat inside that old club to make the chilly winter air outside feel warm as the audience burst through the doors. Reason enough to wish they'd never leave.

Personal Bias: Typically prefer my punk harder and my organ-music churchier.

The Crowd: Folks who haven't been to Fitzgerald's in a few years. Maybe more.

Overheard In the Crowd: "Do you think that chick's hair is real, or she's wearing a wig?"

Random Notebook Dump: Thanks for reminding me, Mike, that I never got to see At the Drive-In.


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