3 Things Made Almost Entirely Out of Beatles Lyrics

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You can't overstate the impact The Beatles have had on the world of pop music. On the Rolling Stone list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time there are four Beatles records in the top ten alone. By nearly all measures they remain the greatest musical act of the 20th century. Anyone who says different sniffs their dirty socks when they take them off at night.

So it's not surprising that they influenced a ton of pop culture since they disbanded in 1970. What might be surprising is just how deep some homages to the Fab Four actually go. There are whole entertainment vehicles that are almost literally nothing but a collection of Beatles lyrics strung together in order to form another piece of art.

Such as...

A Powerpuff Girls Episode: I have a four-year-old daughter and Netflix streaming, which means I have seen every single episode of The Powerpuff Girls at least three times. Stuck in near the end of Season 3 is "Meet the Beat-Alls". It starts out a pretty standard episode, with Mojo, Fuzzy, Princess, and HIM joining forces to defeat the girls. Once they unexpectedly do so by joining forces they continue to work as a team called the Beat-Alls.

From there, the episode gets downright weird as The Beat-Alls become a stand-in for the story of Beatlemania, except from a crime angle instead of musical stardom. Every single scene contain a reference to a Beatles song, the characters begin speaking almost entirely in Beatles lyrics with only necessary filler to link them.

There are even really subtle nods to deeper Beatles history, such as Fuzzy, standing in for Ringo, having a tendency to offer inventive accidental phrases that spark larger concepts as Ringo did with chance utterances like "a hard day's night". There are so many of these references that showing them off between two YouTube videos actually takes longer than watching the episode itself, even with the flash forward through the beginning.

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