Los Lonely Boys' Revelation Is What Really Matters

Three songs came entirely after Henry's fall, Jojo notes: "Give a Little More," a plea to remember the important things in life set to a confident reggae-rock groove (one lyric is "If your brother falls down/ You've got to lend a helping hand"); "Familia," an acoustic-based statement of solidarity; and "Dream Away," which couples an always-stay-positive message to some nifty fretwork from Henry. Throw in a couple of potential mainstream singles, "There's Always Tomorrow" and "Can't Slow Down," and arguably the hardest-rocking song in their entire catalog ("Rule the World"), and Revelation is scarcely the work of a band that peaked too soon.

But it is definitely the work of a group that knows it has crafted a distinctive sound and continues to refine it. Having mentors like Santana, Los Lobos and Willie Nelson to call on for advice on whether their songs fit that "Los Lonely Boys sound" doesn't hurt, but the Garzas have been at this long enough they're also pretty confident keeping their own counsel. Revelation is the second album to be released on their own LonelyTone imprint, which is distributed by Austin's Playing In Traffic.

Not that they necessarily want to stop there.

"Well, you know, there's always the hope to get another song on the radio and TV, and get it noticed by a LOT of fans," the bassist admits. "But man, the real, honest truth is that we focus on the music itself, and I think the rest of it works itself out."

Los Lonely Boys make an in-store appearance 6 p.m. Wednesday, January 22 at Barnes & Noble Town & Country, 12850 Memorial Dr., 713-465-5616. The band returns to play the Spring Crawfish Festival May 4.


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Barnes & Noble -- Town & Country

12850 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX

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